Majesco: Nintendo “enthusiastically supports” online features in Wii games

blastworks.jpgIn an interview Thursday with MTV Multiplayer, Majesco’s Kevin Ray had nothing short of praise for Nintendo and the company’s oft-criticized online implementation philosophies.

“If you see the tools coming out from Nintendo today, they are providing a lot of support for developers to integrate the Internet into their games,” said Ray. “It’s really up to the publishers now to adopt these features into their games; the tools are there and the support from Nintendo is there as well.”

While promoting Majesco’s upcoming Wii title BlastWorks: Build, Trade & Destroy, Ray contrasted the game’s robust online component, fueled by an ambitious user-generated content system, against the pervasive perception that Wii is not capable of a competent online gaming experience.

“There’s no technical reason why games for the Wii aren’t more connected,” said Ray. “The Wii is a very connected device and Nintendo not only provides library support for communications, but was very supportive with positive feedback and marketing input.”

Maybe Harmonix just missed the memo. Majesco’s BlastWorks: Build, Trade & Destroy is set for a May 6 release in North America.

Thanks to Infendo reader Pete for the tip.