Three NIS Games to Come to the DS!

A Witchs Tale

Nippon Ichi Software a.k.a. NIS in America is throwing all it’s weight on the Nintendo DS this coming Fall. Nippon Ichi is known mostly for the Makai Senki series and the revival of tactical RPGs. (I mean I consider them the company who revived them.) Anyway, They plan to release three titles for the DS, including their first ever attempt at making an Action RPG. So if you’re interested in Tactical RPGs and Nippon Ichi hit the jump to see what is going on!

Rhapsody A Musical Adventure

Rhapsody A Musical Adventure was first released on the Playstation in 2000 as a rare Atlus game that was later reprinted again in 2005. Rhapsody was the first true musical RPG that involved many various scenes of characters singing about their plans and what they were doing. You controlled a female character named Cornet Espoire, and guided her through her misadventures to find a passionate relationship. However the game play is a bit more like Pokémon since you had to collect various characters and so on and so forth. Although the singing parts are more comical then very serious.

Disgaea DS

Disgaea: The hour of Darkness was another game that was brought to the U.S. by Atlus, and it was released for the Playstation 2 back in August of 2003. Disgaea follows the exploits of two characters a young demon prince named Laharl, and his “loyal” vassal Etna. This was a truely amazing game back in the day that had multiple endings depending on how you played the game, and wither or not you went to specific areas at certain times. I also find it pretty amazing that it is being ported to the DS, and can’t wait to see what they changed.

A Witches Tale Box

A Witch’s Tale is Nippons newest game in a while, and it has been said that it is the first Action RPG they are making. All combat actions in the game are controlled by the stylus, so when you run, stab, swipe, and use spells you are expected to execute them with the stylus. There wasn’t a lot of details released about this game. However, what was released was that it is a fairy tale with a dark twist which involves a 1,000-year-old legend about a tribe of powerful witches that used to live beneath our world. One day they invaded, but a mystical girl named Alice used their own magic against them and sealed them away. However, the Queen of the witchs may still be active underground, plotting her return.

Of all three games I know Disgaea will sell somewhat well or better due to the cult like following it has. I see Rhapsody being overlooked by a majority of people who are not hard core fans of the series since it is considered to be a very casual tactics based RPG. However, since A Witches Tale is a new IP and a new style of gaming they are trying to conquer it might be overlooked or be a smash hit like The World Ends With You… and only time will tell.

With that all said and down I am extremely looking forward to a new Action RPG on the DS. Although I am not to excited about the stylus touch controls. I mean I had enough problems with Phantom Hourglass and accidentally rolling into an enemy. Anyway Rhapsody and Disgaea are planned to be released around October and A Witch’s Tale to be released sometime later. So is anyone a little worried about some of these dirty Playstation ports coming to the DS, or extremely happy that we are getting some of the Makai Senki series? Post a comment and let your voice be heard!

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