‘Dusty Wii’ meme gets the final nail in coffin it so richly deserves

According to Nielsen, which released a similar study earlier this year, the Wii comes in third behind the venerable PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 360 in terms of console usage.

Oddly enough, but no surprise given its current struggle, the PlayStation 3 checked in just above the GameCube cube with 7.7% to 4.4%, but behind the original Xbox at 9.1%. Yes, read that again. The “failure” that is Nintendo’s purple cube is nipping at Sony’s heels (quotes used because, as a profitable system, it’s silly to call the GameCube a “failure”).

Now, not that there was any real doubt, but the Wii is, apparently, not as dusty as the cacophony of dissenting Internet voices would have us believe. I know mine’s got a work out this past week thanks to de Blob and Wario Land: Shake It!

Note: The study is for the period Jan-Oct 2008, and did not track portables.