Third-party controllers are “pieces of crap,” say handsome and smart Infendo readers


Virtual fistsWell, the votes are in—all 590 of them—and it’s obvious Infendo readers don’t care for third-party game controllers.

With three options to choose from, 78 percent say they never buy knock-off controllers; 15 percent couldn’t make up their minds, and seven percent say they buy ’em for the $avings over more expensive official controllers.

Aspiring manufactures hoping for a chance still have a long way to go it seems. Thanks for voting. Until next time.


  1. I voted against them, though what really turned me off of third party accessories was the memory cards of the N64. Those suckers would all erase way too much. I actually had a 3rd party controller that worked just fine, but I’m too afraid now too use anything that isn’t Nintendo proper.

    Games on the other hand are just fine from third parties – but this both I bet would be about the same % if you ask if you buy third party games.

  2. Hey, you forget to mention ‘dashing’ when mentioning us readers.
    I’ll let it slide this time.
    But yeah, I voted heck to the no, thing is, in any previous console generation, I doubt that the vote would have been such a landslide. When it was just a controller that plugged into the console, it was a lot easier for people to say, I’ll take the cheaper one.
    I for one never did this, the Nintendo cube controllers were perfect in my mind, awesome ergonomics, and no one had a better thumbstick that generation, no one.
    But now, with the Wii, the Wii-mote is an integral part of the console itself. I know, its not even wired to the console, but I would have to say that 90% of what makes the Wii the Wii is right there in your hand and not sitting near your TV. Would you go and buy a third party replacement console? Plus, has anyone seen a third party Wii-remote? I saw one once, and it was bringing little children to tears with its garish appearance.
    Anywho, light gun attachments and classic controller replacements, I can see those doing alright, but I’d have to think any company trying to make a cheap knock off wiimote would be doomed.

  3. I can’t believe someone on Infendo Radio (can’t remember exactly who) said that Mad Catz is good when it comes to third party controllers. Mad Catz is one of thee worst, I have never had one of their accessories not be broken in at least some way.

    PS2 analog sticks don’t work. PS2 and GC memory cards erase themselves. And I recently bought the rock band bass guitar for the 360 by Mad Catz (not realizing it was a mad catz product) and the tilt function didn’t work at all, and the thing didn’t even have a headset port on it.

  4. i saw a wii mote from nyko once and i dont know if its a joke or real even now i think its very funny causeit looks more like a baby toy than something functional. im sorry for all the people that buy those kind of controllers because……THEY BEEN ROBBERY i tried once in the game cube era and not gonna let hapen again BUY ORIGINAL CONTROLLERS NOW, SAVE MONEY LATER

  5. What I don’t see is how you can save money on something you have to buy three times as many of to find one that works! I bought three Gamestop Gamecube controllers, and two broke within a month of purchase. The last one still has minor problems as well.

  6. @ cowmanodoom
    You remind me of the most important thing about first party controllers. They are BULLETPROOF. Wiimotes, I’ve seen them annihilate TVs (on teh internet), gouge holes in ceilings and ricochet off of cinderblock. Worst case, you had to put the batteries back in and pop the cover back on.
    For years I’ve had a cube controller where the thumb stick was stepped on. I actually preferred that controller for F-Zero GX because the way that the stick got pushed deeper into the controller made it easier to do fine course corrections.
    The worst thing I’ve had happen to my cube controllers? The buttons lose their spring back. One day I opened ’em up, unstuck the rubber pads from the printed circuit boards and viola, good as new.
    Thats a little trick that I remembered from my NES days, but with those controllers I actually had to swap the rubber contacts to make one good controller and one crummy one.

  7. madcatz = crap

    nintendo = quality

    i’ve thrown my wiimote, by accident, through my window (i mean through the glass) it landed down stairs in the rocks next to the laundry room and works perfectly to this day. a chunk of plastic is missing by the sensor and there are a bunch of stratches from the rocks, but with the rubber sleeve on you can’t even tell and it works fine. now that’s a trooper.

  8. I voted for the because the Nyko Perfect Shot and the MadCatz TvC and X-Arcade fight sticks are top quality.

    I think there needs to be clarification in what counts as a “3rd party controller”

  9. I voted for “pieces of crap”, although there is, I admit, one glaring exception: Logitech. Logitech makes the best, albeit the most expensive, controllers and peripherials for both consoles and home computers. Too bad most of us can’t afford them!

  10. I’m still thinking about the Nyko Wand+. I’d love to have a controller that’s the same size as the original with MotionPlus integrated.

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