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Third Party Developers Talk Wii U

The Wii U currently has a decent number of third party games.  However, many gamers are unsatisfied with the not only the current selection but also the projected selection.  Nintendo has stated that they plan on concentrating on their own

More Third Party titles coming to Wii U? Iwata thinks so

Speaking during an E3 analyst briefing, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata hopes to revitalize the Wii U platform not just only with first party titles, but, hopefully, with more third party software. Iwata didn’t disclose what third party software would be

So, apparently EA says it is still developing games for the Wii U

After last week’s surprising comments from Electronic Arts spokesperson Jeff Brown about the company not having any titles in development for the Wii U, many current owners of Nintendo’s latest console were none too pleased about their sentiments. Some analysts

Watch Dogs Confirmed For Wii U

Earlier this week, it was reported that Ubisoft’s upcoming ‘next-gen’-esque action-adventure title, Watch Dogs, would be available for pre-order on the Wii U through GameStop and Best Buy. Ubisoft tonight confirmed that Watch Dogs would indeed be released for the

What five third party franchises do you want on Wii U?

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were found exclusively on Nintendo consoles. Nowadays any console manufacturer would be lucking to see any Triple A title come solely for their console. Even though this is true, that doesn’t mean that it’s not

Third-party controllers are “pieces of crap,” say handsome and smart Infendo readers

Well, the votes are in—all 590 of them—and it’s obvious Infendo readers don’t care for third-party game controllers. With three options to choose from, 78 percent say they never buy knock-off controllers; 15 percent couldn’t make up their minds, and