What five third party franchises do you want on Wii U?

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were found exclusively on Nintendo consoles. Nowadays any console manufacturer would be lucking to see any Triple A title come solely for their console. Even though this is true, that doesn’t mean that it’s not important for each system to have a few games to call their own. Here is a list of five games franchises that would make sense to bring over to Wii U.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil didn’t start on Nintendo consoles, but in my opinion the best games in the franchise can be found on them. Resident Evil 4 started off as an exclusive, and was touted as one of the Capcom 5, but it eventually moved on to the PS2 (among other consoles) but it’s claim to fame still lies with the GameCube.

Imagine a return to the pre-rendered background roots of the franchise on the Wii U, where gamers would could play then hold up the GamePad to view the environment in full 3D. Item management would also be as simple as a tap of the gamepad, allowing developers more freedom to intensify the nature of the zombies. Capcom would also be free to create GamePad specific puzzles to their hearts content.

Not to mention how co-op/competitive multiplayer could work on the console. Come on Capcom, we NEED Resident Evil on Wii U.

Splinter Cell

Not only does the Splinter Cell make total sense on Wii U, but if Ubisoft doesn’t bring a title to Wii U at some point in its lifetime, it will be a complete missed opportunity. Under door cameras controlled by the GamePad screen, deployable surveillance cameras, an always persistent satellite view of the game field…any more ideas about the game and I’m going to have to start charging Yves Guillemot a commission!

But in all seriousness, Ubisoft would be foolish not to be toying with the idea of bringing one of their most popular franchises to Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo thinks so also, and are already in talks to make this become a reality.

Tales Franchise

I am an unabashed proponent of the Tales RPGs. Not only do I love the combat (turn-based be damned), but the characters and storytelling in every game in the franchise I have come across has always been top notch in my opinion. Mapping artes to the touch screen just makes sense, as seen in the DS and 3DS versions of the game. The added benefit of the Wii U is that it also has a second analog stick, meaning that there are four more moves that can be utilized with the four cardinal directions of the stick.

Best of all, extra conversations that has become a trademark of the franchise can be viewed on the GamePad screen without stopping gameplay on the television. This may seem gimmicky, but it could really help to keep the flow of the game while still allowing for the quirkyness that is Tales.

RPGs by their very nature are meant to be long experiences, through the use of the Wii U GamePad, developers can help to make that long experience more enjoyable.


The sandbox-building indie game turned phenomenon would be a match made in heaven on the Wii U. Placing blocks would never be easier. Equipping tools would be a simple tap of the GamePad. Who knows what Notch, the brains behind the game would be able to come up with given the chance. Hey, the game has already found its way to the Xbox 360, why not Wii U?

Command & Conquer

There have certainly been attempts to recreate the real-time strategy experience on consoles before, but nothing has quite hit all the right notes. Halo Wars has come close to hitting right formula, but never before have developers been given the right tools.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Command & Conquer franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had spent more time with Red Alert 2 and its subsequent expansion Yuri’s Revenge than any other game in existence. I have always thought that the touch screen interface would be a perfect complement to the real-time strategy genre, and if Command & Conquer were to come to Wii U, I would hope that it would prove my theory correct.

What did I miss? What five franchises would you like to see on Nintendo’s next generation console?

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  1. Essel Pratt says:

    This is a tough one. There are quite a few games I would like to see, however some would be PS3 and xBox exclusives. Now, I wouldn’t put it past those two to sneak in some exclusives (Especially on the 3DS, since they don’t have a handheld) and profit from the competitor, I don’t see it happening soon. So, here is my list-in no particular order.

    Phantasy Star-take it offline and bring it back to its roots. It was a fantastic series and could rival Final Fantasy. I think that if Final Fantasy had a series that could rival it, we would see more development that experimentation (Not that it is a bad thing)

    Ultima-Basically, for the same reasons as above. My first Ultima game was Quest of the Avatar, it amazing! There is a story behind me getting it, but I won’t share here, lol.

    Toe Jam and Earl-Old school, I know, but it was a great game. With today’s technology the game could be one heck of a mind twisting laugh fest (I know it is not a franchise, but could quickly be turned into one)

    SPyro- Spyro is just a great game. I know we have skylanders, but I look at it as a spin off, and not part of the actual series. Spyro fits the family friendly genre that Nintendo has done so well.

    Oddworld- I never played a lot of OddWorld, but what I have played, I liked. there is a lot of potential there!

    Some other series that I would like to see get a “Makeover” on the Wii U are:

    Sonic-Bring him back to life with a revived series, with elements of the old games and some new twists

    Mega man-Revive the series and keep some side scroller elements in some areas, but give us a more open world. I would be okay with a short stubby mega man, like we have known and loved, but not the Fat slob!

    Star Tropics-I think we discussed this on the last podcast

    Pitfall-Would be interesting to see where the series could go

    Q-bert/Pac-Man crossover-This just came to me, it could be a puzzle adventure.

    There are many more, but not enough time to name them all

  2. Bender91 says:

    Fallout would be pretty cool on Wii U the Gamepad would be the Pipboy!

  3. The Adza says:

    I really would like a PSO game.

  4. Kaiser Soze says:

    Excellent topic, here are my picks in no particular order.

    The Craft series from Blizzard. StarCraft and WarCraft.

    I would like Valve to work on WiiU and have them bring their shooter franchises to the console. Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, Left4Dead, and especially Half-Life. Give us the entire Half-Life 1 experience with all 3 expansions as a download.

    The Elder Srolls.

    The Settlers…… Love Bluebyte, also the Anno series.

    Pinball FX and Pinball Arcade. I hope both games becomes available on WiiU. I know at least one of them is confirmed.

    My picks. I also hope it’ll get a much better virtual console than the Wii. What about all those Amiga games and all the SNES and N64 games that never came, StarFox, Yoshi’s Island and a whole bunch of N64 games. But most hopefully Gamecube games. Make it so.

  5. Eugene Allen says:

    @Kaiser Soze
    Gamecube virtual console…yes please.

  6. The Adza says:

    After much more thought, here are my 5 dreams that won’t come true.

    a Phantasy Star Online game
    a Phantasy Star offline rpg
    a game in the Shining series.
    a Skies of Arcadia sequel
    a Dragon Quest main series offline game.

    Sorry for the Sega love there guys but I do have a soft spot for their old adventure rpg series. And any jrpg games in general. While I do hope that Dragon Quest X from Square Enix gets localized, I would much rather another single player opus from them along the lines of DQVIII than an online semi turn based not quite sure what kind of game i am mess that the DQX is.

  7. WesFX says:

    Zack & Wiki
    Kororinpa ;_;
    Mirror’s Edge

    All new entries, preferably.

  8. Jl says:

    Ratchet and clank
    Street fighter
    Super ghost & ghouls
    Plants vs zombies
    Angry birds

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