Wii U Rants and Raves

It is officially one day after launch, you have patiently waited for the system updates to apply.  During the updates, you ensured your game pad was charged.  You readied your favorite snacks and beverages.  You began to play the newest Nintendo console.

Well, maybe you did…but I didn’t.  apparently, one of the big box stores that accepted pre-orders, and claims they have the “Best Buys” felt it necessary to send me two games last Tuesday, but wait until today for the console to arrive.

Honestly, I am not that upset, my weekend was very busy.  I was at the Notre Dame game on Saturday, where the Irish destroyed Wake Forrest and on Sunday I had a ton of work to complete around the house.  So, I am okay receiving the Wii U today.

I have read that some people had some issues with the updates (thank you Eugene for posting your step-by-step instructions) and others did not receive their pre-orders at all.  However, for every complaint, I heard just as many raves on the system.

I spoke with a friend of mine that works at a local Target.  She stated that there was a group of people waiting in line at about 6am waiting just for the Wii U.  Although they did run out of stock, only one lady was irate.  She wasn’t mad that she didn’t get a Wii U, in fact she did get one.  The issue was that she expected to receive the Wii U Gamer Bundle, available at Wal-Mart.  She was very upset that Target would not honor the offer.

Regardless of update issues, receiving my Wii U late, or whatever issues might arise, I am excited to unbox my Wii U!  Be sure to share your Rants and raves in the comments below!


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