Tell Me Your Delicious Nightmares Win a Darkrai

Darkrai Movie Sample

So I know we have some Pokémon fans here at Infendo, and some of you guys probably missed out on the Darkrai event that was being held at Toys R Us last weekend. Anyway, for you guys that happened to miss out on acquiring this legendary Pokémon, and have no way of getting to Nintendo World in New York City. I have been planning to run a little contest of sorts, to enter all you have to do is write up the following… Click the jump to find out exactly what it is.

What was the worst Nightmare you ever had and why was it a Nightmare to you?

To enter simply write up your “nightmare” and post it in the comments section. Keep it clean, scary and concise. Judging will be based on why it was so scary to you, and judged by a secret panel of judges. So entries should be kept short and easy to read, as well as slightly entertaining.

The winner will receive of course the legendary Nightmare Pokémon Darkrai, and I will personally trade you the Pokémon from my copy of Pokémon Diamond. So after I announce the winner of this contest, I will contact you personally. So keep in mind that you must have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl for the Nintendo DS, as well as be able to trade and exchange friend codes.

The contest will end by the end of the week (Saturday June 14th, at 11:59:59 PM) so be sure to post them in the comments section before the deadline.

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