Donkey Kong photo contest

Kong!Contest alert! If you don’t have DS yet, and love Donkey Kong, then I suggest you break out your digital camera and start shooting some sweet locations where the crazy ape can hang out. Why? Because that’s the contest, and the best eight photos win a DS Lite and DS Jungle Climber.

SmugMug has the deets:

Nintendo and are inviting fans of all stripes to submit creative and unique images of Donkey Kong climbing to the top of the coolest or most unusual places ’ from mountains to buildings to otherworldly monuments. Whether you’re drawing and scanning an original picture or digitally altering an existing one, the sky’s the limit ”¦ or is it? Whatever the setting might be, just make sure to format your image as a JPEG [no larger than 12MB] and feature the high-climbing Donkey Kong in “peak” form.

The due date is October 1, and I’d love to see some of Infendo Nation’s entries make the cut.