Battle of the Bands contest winner announced!

bobwii.jpgTime’s up, folks! The deadline has passed, and the results are in.

But first, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our Battle of the Bands contest. Some great entries have been written since the contest started Wednesday, and most of the albums proposed would definitely be a blast to play in a Wii rhythm game. It was difficult to pick just one, so we narrowed it down to three finalists and, finally, a grand prize winner. Here are the results.

01. Phil Myth (Rush – 2112)
02. neko to kuruma (Bathory – Nordland I)
03. Keefe (Yes – Relayer)

Infendo reader Phil Myth wins with his entry for the legendary Rush album 2112. He gets a free copy of the Wii game Battle of the Bands compliments of THQ and Infendo. So Phil, be sure to send an e-mail with your mailing address to as soon as possible to claim your prize. And thanks for entering, everyone!