My Wii Netflix disc happened to ship the same day I cancelled my Xbox Live Gold account (I was really only using it to stream Netflix movies). Which reminds me, anyone else in Infendo land having a Wii Netflix disc shipped to them? Why or why not? Lack of HD an issue? Having to use a physical disc is an annoyance? All decent arguments, and I’m just trying to get a sense of what a Nintendo co...

Netflix Wii discs begin to ship to customers

Netflix has shipped Wii playback discs to many of their customers.  Did you order one?  Let us know when it arrives and what you think of movie streaming on your Wii!

Netflix on DS? This is Getting Ridiculous.

Just before last year’s GDC we saw hints of Netflix for the PS3 and Wii – by means of official Netflix surveys, testing the waters of the potential customer base.  The Wii solution is now a confirmed reality, and these survey suggestions are popping up again – this time for the Nintendo DS. Ever since Netflix poked a hole through Xbox Live’s “Exclusive” clause,...

Wii Netflix, HD console seemingly confirmed for 2010

Someone with an inside source at either Netflix or Nintendo–or possibly both–is all but confirming that a streaming video service (much like the recently confirmed PS3 one) is headed to the console very, very soon. Oh, and there’s something else.

Rumor: Netflix streaming coming to Wii, iPhone very soon

A quick confession: I watch more TV shows and movies on my Xbox 360 than I play games. I don’t know why this is exactly. I guess I can only play a game where I’m shooting things so many times before I realize, hey, I’m still playing games where I’m shooting things. But anyway. More seriously, and more apt for this site, Netflix is rumored to be eyeing both the iPhone and th...