Wii Netflix, HD console seemingly confirmed for 2010


netflix_wiiSomeone with an inside source at either Netflix or Nintendo–or possibly both–is all but confirming that a streaming video service (much like the recently confirmed PS3 one) is headed to the console very, very soon. Oh, and there’s something else.

A Wii HD console! You see, if the source is to be believed, then Nintendo might hold off on streaming this year and release it when a an HD version of its hit console arrives on store shelves in 2010.

With this news and the confusing 4-inch “geezer” DSi we heard about earlier this week, I’m beginning to wonder if the confused, arrogant Yamauchi days of 1992 are rearing their ugly head in Kyoto once again.

Does Nintendo think its new stable of non-traditional gamers, picked up over the years since 2006, will be as loyal as their most diehard fans when it comes to snatching up whatever hardware they toss their way? Seems so, seems so.


  1. There better be a Wii HD soon. No way Nintendo can keep slugging it out with Sony and MS with standard def that much longer. I just picked up a PS3 and and graphical leap over the Wii is astounding. Not that anyone didn’t know that already, but there are fewer consumers who are going to be willing to live with it.

  2. um …. what a bout dvd support???
    Even the GameCube used mini-dvd’s
    why can’t we watch them (without homebrew)

  3. Forget DVDs, what about my gamesaves, or more importantly, my WiiWare downloads? Are they going to be non-transferable, as I suspect they will be? This is really a sore point for me, since I can swap my xbox data between different boxes (leaving the authenicating to the xbl sign-in process. It feels like a punishment for WiiSD adopters. Sure, jump aboard the next Nintendo upgrade; just be comfortable with either keeping the old Wii to play your downloads, or sacrificing them entirely to pay less for a WiiHD.

  4. @soup
    maybe the wii shop channel will have accounts instead that you set up(kinda like itunes account), and also im not sure but i think if you delete a channel you bought on the shop, then you can download it again.
    im hoping for this because i want the nintendo points from my dsi to my wii to be shared.

  5. So games will be in HD for the Wii?
    what about those who own non-HD Wii’s?
    or is HD going to be just for the movies?

    bad step by Nintendo, better keep the HD stuff for the new console. Or release a new one soon!

  6. I will be so jazzed if Netflix comes to Wii. Any word on whether it will be the current version or the possible HD?

  7. A successful Nintendo is like my friend, confident, talks down to people, stubborn, basically a prick. When you are on the bottom all you have is creativity, but when you make it to the top, you don’t care anymore and your life reflects that.

    Nintendo is a great company but they can’t deal with success at all.

  8. I imagine it won’t be a full upgrade (what the DSi is for the DS, a Wii.5). In other words – just make the Wii able to output HD resolutions, it’ll probably play normal Wii games up-scaled, and there will be WiiHD games that output at HD, that doesn’t mean to say the games will actually look better other than less jaggies on a HDTV, most likely it won’t be able to push out effects like the PS3/360 can, merely play games that use current Wii graphics, but in a higher resolution.

    Having said that though, I’ll likely get the WiiHD (fingers crossed the netflix thing will be around in the UK as well on the Wii)

  9. Maybe the system friend code will be the only friend code this time. I could deal with them if that was the case. I thought it would be true with the first system, but was oh so wrong. Everything better be transferable from the old Wii. Shop Cannel data, gameplay data, Mii’s, messages, everything from my calendar, everything period.

    It better still allow for playing Gamecube games. Heck, it better start keeping track of Gamecube games. As long as the Wii is in WiiConnect24 mode it should’ve been able to track play time and the game. It should’ve been able to grab the disc id to identify the game, and compare the time from when the game starts to the point where you’re in Wiiconnect24 mode again, that would be the playtime.

  10. Hey Quix, that graphical leap is not HD, its processing power. Stop confusing resolution with graphic fidelity.

    I say its an update that allows HD output for netflix and the web browser. Two places that NEED HD and can be easily implemented with the hardware we already have.

  11. I don’t mind the Netflix thing on my Wii, I actually welcome it. HD in 2010…I don’t know that sounds a bit too good to be true, maybe later but 2010 me thinks is a bit early.

  12. Much like the DSi and new Giant DSi, I see no reason to buy this.

    I think Nintendo is slowing starting to repeat history.

  13. Bring it on!

  14. Yeah, I hope for a Wii HD soon with better processing power. I am really getting into the driving games lately and I bought an xbox 360 two weeks ago because of the larger selection of racing games available and are not on the Wii. I have been excited this past year with console gaming and I have ceased being a PC gamer for the time being.

  15. @ Residentialevil


    You’re crazy.

    The DSi, well that’s obviously not for us. I mean, there really has to be a market for that, and im sure it’s not in the ages 15-30 range. So yea, that we can just ignore.

    Now, an HDWii, that’d be a MAJOR upgrade. We can’t just ignore it.
    I mean as much as i like playing the wii, I wouldn’t mind more games looking like super mario galaxy.

  16. Whilst I’m excited about this ‘rumoured’ Wii HD, I don’t know if I’d pick it up – developers aren’t going to make games in HD for what would be, a smaller install base than the SD Wii.

    If I was Nintendo, I’d keep the HD for Wii 2 – or whatever the next console is called – and whack in a good graphics upgrade at the same time. HD Wii will still not look as good as HD 360 or HD PS3; the Wii just isn’t as powerful in that aspect.

  17. I could care less about WiiHD. I don’t think half-step upgrades are really important, although they seem to be ninty’s thing recently. Netflix Wii? Sign me up.

  18. I wouldn’t mind an HD peripheral/upgrade system. 100 dollars netting you a BD drive and HDMI support with game upscaling.

    Sounds slick to me. I know Nintendo loves peripherals so why don’t they make one we actually WANT?