Wii Netflix, HD console seemingly confirmed for 2010

netflix_wiiSomeone with an inside source at either Netflix or Nintendo–or possibly both–is all but confirming that a streaming video service (much like the recently confirmed PS3 one) is headed to the console very, very soon. Oh, and there’s something else.

A Wii HD console! You see, if the source is to be believed, then Nintendo might hold off on streaming this year and release it when a an HD version of its hit console arrives on store shelves in 2010.

With this news and the confusing 4-inch “geezer” DSi we heard about earlier this week, I’m beginning to wonder if the confused, arrogant Yamauchi days of 1992 are rearing their ugly head in Kyoto once again.

Does Nintendo think its new stable of non-traditional gamers, picked up over the years since 2006, will be as loyal as their most diehard fans when it comes to snatching up whatever hardware they toss their way? Seems so, seems so.