Monkey Island

Disney shuts down LucasArts

Sad, yet not surprising news to report: Disney is shutting down LucasArts effective immediately. Close to 150 LucasArts staff members have been laid off, and all current projects have been cancelled, including Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. According to Kotaku, Star Wars 1313’s future may still be saved, but will possibly not be licensed out to a different publisher. Disney has...

Review: Tales of Monkey Island The Trial & Execution of Guybrush Threepwood

It seems that everyone has it out for Guybrush Treepwood lately in the latest installment of Tales of Monkey Island. After being knocked out and kidnapped by the lovely Morgan Le Flay, Guybrush, once again finds himself heading towards the shores of Flotsam Island. As most of you know the deranged doctor De Singe has been dying to get his hands on Guybrush since he originally washed up on the shor...

Review: Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3The Lair of the Leviathan [PC-Wii]

We last left off with Guybrush Treepwood and his self elected first mate as they sail from spinner clay. They are well on their way to finding the elusive ‘La Esponja el Grande’. The one relic that is the cure to the dreaded evil pox that Guybrush has released on the Caribbean. While out at sea well on their way to their next destination, until Guybrush gets attacked by the ferocious p...

Pirates and music? New Game Get!

My mind is exploding this week .. only one game for Wii, but it’s Guitar Hero 5! And then there’s the second chapter for Tales of Monkey Island, not to mention that some folks will be excited to check out the original Master System version of Phantasy Star. Don’t even get me started on the DLC music for Rock Band 2 this week, either … Christmas? Click on in for the huge lis...

Review – Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 2The Siege of Spinner Cay

As we last left off in the Tales of Monkey Island; lots of pirating went down on Flotsam Island and Guybrush now has a new ship called the Screaming Narwahl. He’s a man with a mission, as not only does he have to rescue his wife Elaine from the clutches of the evil pirate LeChuck, but he has to find a legendary sponge to cleanse him of  an evil voodoo pox. As This pox was released during a ...

New Game Get has tropical fever with Monkey Island and Wii Sports Resort!

It’s official .. with both Wii Sports Resort and the WiiWare release of Monkey Island, this is the best release week of the last three months! (I’m still a little concerned about two weeks in a row of no Virtual Console titles…) Click on in for other games and DLC for Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Monkey Island WiiWare confirmed for July 27th release!

Straight from the developer’s mouth: “Launch of the Screaming Narwhal”, the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island, now has a WiiWare release date. The game will make its console debut in North America this coming Monday, the 27th of July. It’s going to be 1000 Wii Points and if it’s anything like the PC version I played, it’s totally worth it!

Review – Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwahl

One of the more interesting announcements around the time of E3 was the return of the great Monkey Island series.  Not only is it back, but it’s being done as a monthly episodic game by Telltale and will be out for WiiWare as well!  I got to play the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island for PC and it definitely upholds the Monkey Island name.

Tales of Monkey Island coming to WiiWare!

[youtube][/youtube] LucasArts is finally getting with the program and have joined forces with TellTale Games to put out Tales of Monkey Island for WiiWare!  More info over at the TellTale site.