Nintendo’s official website adds “The Reviews Are In” page

This morning I was surprised and intrigued by the appearance of a new, rather vague, page on Nintendo’s official site called “The Reviews Are In.” Clicking on it, I found it’s another attempt by Nintendo to generate interest in its Wii U and Nintendo 3DS gaming systems. The page has a simple black/gray background with various quotes and scores plucked from Wii U/3DS game re...

Nintendo of Greece Deploys Mario Flash Mob to Market Wii U

If you happened to be strolling around one of a certain few Greek shopping malls today, you might be wondering why there was a sudden influx of men and women dressed as your favourite plumber. Well, dear Infendo reader, wonder no longer! This was simply part of Nintendo of Greece’s awesome but admittedly unorthodox Wii U marketing strategy, building up to the release of New Super Mario Bros....

Nintendo drops DS to $100, plays favorites with its own games

Nintendo today dropped the price of the DS Lite to $100, effective June 5. They’re also re-realeasing Mario games in red boxes, which have proven to help boost sales. As a reminder, it’s stuff like this that rubs independent publishers the wrong way, since Nintendo doesn’t allow them to release specially colored boxes. 

“My friends won’t play yarn games”

With Kirby’s Epic Yarn just a week away, are any of you having trouble convincing your friends that a game full of pastel quilts and stitching will amaze and challenge them? How about fooling them with some false box art? Tell them it’s all about chainsaws and cinder blocks. By the time they figure out the truth, they’ll be hooked. On a more serious note: Do you think this awesom...

Coming soon: Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move Airstream trailers

Nintendo is at again with their custom Airstream trailer. Like previous summers, this one will feature the old school trailer making its way across the U.S., franchise characters plastered on its sides for all to see. The latest games and select “soon to be released” Nintendo titles will surely be contained within. Marketing? Marketing:

Anyone beach it up with Nintendo this week?

Word on the street is Nintendo took over Times Square with an island theme (sandy beaches and all) as part of a large promotion for the great, if slightly undercooked Wii Sports Resort. Any Infendo readers hit the NYC area for a test drive? Thoughts?