New Zelda 3DS To Feature Both A Light And Dark World

The Legend of Zelda 3DS is already at the top of my “must have” list.  Being a lover of the classics, this game is bound to feed my nostalgia, yet give me something new and fresh.  The top down game play looks fantastic, and the few new features that have been hinted at look just as fabulous.  But just how true to the original will it be? In an interview with CNET, Eiji Aonuma shared s...

Miyamoto Makes His Mii Verse Debut!

Everybody loves Miyamoto, I mean I have never spoken to someone that dislikes him.  So, his absence from the Mii Verse was really quite sad. Last week, the father of Mario and Link (You didn’t know that Luigi and link were the same?  I mean, they both wear green hats and shirts, Sure their hair is different, and the noses aren’t the same, but the space time continuum can wreak havoc on...

Princess Zelda to the Rescue

Just when you thought your dream of playing a game where Princess Zelda was the protagonist was never going to happen, along came YouTube user Kenna W.   (Hopefully, as a true fan of the franchise you do not count those CD-i games, in which case you would have realized this dream about 20 years ago…)  Kenna modded the original Legend of Zelda so that the player controls Zelda to save Hyrule ...

Watch Ocarina of Time imagined as a Broadway musical

Anyone who owned a Nintendo 64 knows that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a timeless classic to many (I personally find Majora’s Mask to be the superior title), but what if it were it turned into a 16-bit musical? Well, you get this three and a half minute number set to Koji Kondo’s memorable score that runs through Link’s early beginnings in Kokiri Village all the way to...

T-shirt of the day: Mount Playmore

Busted Tees recently unveiled a clever Nintendo-themed Mount Rushmore t-shirt for their online catalog that features Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, and Link immortalized in stone (or in cloth and print to be more exact). The design itself is sure to make many (including myself) ponder, “If there was a Mount Rushmore for video game characters or designers, what four would grace it?” This qu...

A Writer Appears! Michael Enters the Fray!

Then again, couldn’t we all just be friends? Y’know, like Kirby and Ribbon over there? Or you could just give me chocolates, and we’ll call it a day. Mmm…chocolates. Er, let’s start over. Michael Fletcher’s my name, and by the look of things I’m going to be writing here every now and then. Which is pretty sweet, considering I live for games of the video va...

Captain N: The Game Master

remember a time when Saturday morning was meant for cartoons?  We would wake up eager to turn on the TV and Veg out in front of the animated awesomeness of the day!  Once a year they would run a half hour to an hour long preview of the upcoming new cartoons as well as the returning favorites.  I remember sitting at my Friend Mike’s house and seeing the preview for Captain N: The Game Master....

Link needs rupees for a new mirror shield, pawns his triforce

Kind of a slow news day in the world of Nintendo. It’s dangerous to RSS alone, take this! Oh, and if you’re interested, here is a shameless plug to my new personal blog I just created, Check it out! [Thanks David!]

Mario, Link unexpectedly named top video game characters

Out of left field, I know.

Zelda’s new look?

Hmm. I’ve since warmed to the new pseudo-cel shaded look of the upcoming Wii MotionPlus-enhanced Zelda title, but the look of this deviantart submission has kind of given me second thoughts about what the next title in the series should look like… [Thanks 4cr for locating this gem]

Nintendo truths: Zelda no. 247

Iron boots are only heavy when you wear them.

These Nintendo characters are getting old

More aging taking place here.