Monday thoughts: Why do you love Nintendo?

So this will be my first in a weekly series of columns on various topics. For the first edition I pose a simple question with an answer that might not come to you so easily. Its Monday morning. You’ve already scoured the inter-tube looking for a listing of the VC releases this week. You’ve called Game/stop/crazy/ware to see if any early DS titles have been released. You’ve adjust...

Infendo Radio #59 is live and loud (and long too)!

Listen in as we discuss all the weekly goodies in smart form. It’s a bit long, but it’s a good one. You won’t believe what Scott did on the show (<– that was a fake teaser, but we did have a really good time recording it). Hope you enjoy! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (48.1MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Email | RSS

Tell us your favorite game, win a Micro t-shirt – UPDATE

UPDATE: Congratulations to J. Lingenfelter from Loudonville, Ohio. Random luck was on his side, and he just scored a free t-shirt. Thanks to all who participated. Until the next contest! What would a newly launched site and birthday party be without goodies? Want a FREE Game Boy Micro shirt (the one Nintendo gives out with NP subscriptions) ? It will make you ridiculously good-looking… To en...

Poll – What do you think of the new Infendo?

It’s been online for less than 24 hours, but we’d like to know: {democracy:1}

Welcome to the new Infendo as we celebrate our 2nd B-day (May 10)

Welcome all! Hope you traversed the internet safely to the arrive on the new site! On this Infendo’s second birthday (May 10), we’re proud to deploy our first ever (and long overdue) site redesign with loads more usability and lots of devilish good looks. First, a few things about the rollover: Blogger names on post entries didn’t make the journey to the new site. They died on In...

Infendo Radio #57 is most awesome!

Scott calls it a “special” show. I just call it most awesome. Listen in as we discuss a ton of Wii games, lots o’ segments, and good ole calls. You’re really missin’ out if you don’t download this mug. Get to it! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (32.9MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Email | RSS

Infendo Radio #56 Is A Shocker!!!

Shockingly good, that is. We’ve got tons of new segments including This Week in Gaming, News From the Frontlines, The Sony Scoop, The Microsoft Minute, Infendo Europe, and more! Plus all the important Nintendo goodness you need to know from week’s past. It’s tons o’ fun, folks. Get this! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (44.4MB)Subscribe: Go...

Infendo Radio #55 is in your airwaves, breaking your monotony

Infendo Radio is now on with our third wheel Kyle Crane. Everyone be sure to give him a big hearty welcome and listen in as we talk all the weekly Nintendo haps including listener calls. Get that! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3

Sneak Preview: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger edition (pending development)

Hey everybody. Just wanted to give you an update on the new, long-overdue that I’m hoping to have deployed by the end of the month. Peep the new look (click to enlarge)! Also, if there are any XHTML/WordPress ninjas out there that want to help, there’s a byline and free goodies in it for you. Send us an email with “Dev Ninja” in the subject line if you’re ...

New at Infendo – a Flickr group

Inspired by our good friend FalseBlue and the gang in the Infendo Forums, we now have a Flickr Group. It’s open for anyone to join and post pictures. Feel free to submit shots of your awesome game collections, shameful Halloween costumes, or Infendo inspired artwork. You might even show up in a future Nintendo Spotting column.

Infendo Radio #54 featuring special guests Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig

What up, Infendo nation? Scott and I have a special podcast this week featuring production ninjas Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig from Screw Attack. Listen in as we intelligently discuss all the rich and creamy Nintendo goodness from the previous week. Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3

Nintendo spotting: Triforce on European truck edition

Somehow, somewhere, Link will find this delivery truck…