Sneak Preview: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger edition (pending development)

Hey everybody. Just wanted to give you an update on the new, long-overdue that I’m hoping to have deployed by the end of the month. Peep the new look (click to enlarge)! Also, if there are any XHTML/WordPress ninjas out there that want to help, there’s a byline and free goodies in it for you. Send us an email with “Dev Ninja” in the subject line if you’re interested (you too, Erick).

It should be noted that the lengthy delay has been my fault. We assembled a great volunteer team last fall that worked their arses off only to have me drag my feet. Big props to Rowan, Andrew, etc for all their previous hard work.

And in the spirit of “how’s our blogging,” post your gentle (or harsh) improvement recommendations in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading, Infendo Nation!