How to Repair a Bad NES Pin Connector

I think we can all agree that we love the NES, but at the ripe age of 27 it isn’t getting any younger.  Every time we blow in the cartridge and anxiously insert it into the system it could be the final time that we show the console some love.  The build up of dust, stray bug pieces and other unknown substances can wreak havoc on the inner system.  Not to mention the constant opening and closing of the lid, the insertion and extraction of your favorite game and the possibly loose controller ports.

One of the most common ills for the NES is a bad Pin Connector.  The connector can go bad as a result of the games being dirty.  The dirt can harbor corrosive elements as well as act as a harsh abrasive and slowly deteriorate the pins causing a bad connection.  To the average Joe this could mean the end of an era!  But never fear, our friends at have created a video tutorial on how to replace the Pin connector all by yourself (you can purchase one here).  With only a few common household tools you can go back to Nintendo Raging in Silver Surfer in no time!





Here is the Video with detailed instructions.



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