Welcome to the new Infendo as we celebrate our 2nd B-day (May 10)

Second BirthdayWelcome all! Hope you traversed the internet safely to the arrive on the new site! On this Infendo’s second birthday (May 10), we’re proud to deploy our first ever (and long overdue) site redesign with loads more usability and lots of devilish good looks. First, a few things about the rollover:

Blogger names on post entries didn’t make the journey to the new site. They died on Interstate 15 just outside of Orem, so we have the boring “Staff” name attached to each article. Hopefully you can decern the original writer (hint: I’m a copy and paste wizard, Jack is winded and snarky, and Dave is friendly and inquisitive).

Some funky image formatting exists on older/certain posts. Bere with us…

“Most Popular” (by page views) and Most Discussed (by comments) aren’t fully operational, yet. I’ll get to ’em soon enough, but hopefully you’re sold on the idea.

Now, the goods on the new, perpetual beta design:

We have pagination! This brings a tear to my eye… Just navigate to the bottom of every page, and you can browse forward or backward for additional posts (depending where you are). Yes, Infendo was the last blog on earth to do this, and it’s so nice…

Continue reading links are in full effect. No more clutery home pages!

Streamlined design. Hopefully you peeps dig the new minimalist, yet silky smooth look with all it’s features. We’re confident you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for. Note: The design is final, folks, but you’re welcome to still complain if needs be in the comments.

There you have it. Big thanks for all that you bring to the Infendo community. Be sure to send us a shout out in the comments (so we know they’re working) and fire when ready with any questions and/or feedback. Woot!

UPDATE: Also, ensure you’re using this RSS feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/infendo) so you don’t miss a beat. Our little grey utility bar below the RSS icon lets you do some nifty stuff as well.