About Infendo Radio’s new poopsky quality

Podcast listeners only: For the record, I wanted to apologize for the recent lack of quality when producing Infendo Radio — it was embarrassing to say the least. Losing Scott’s ninja production work was palpable, that’s for sure, but we are implementing necessary measures to ensure that show 107 doesn’t sound like other amateur podcasts (read: really bad).

We’ll also be “refreshing” the format a bit with a few new twists and turns for the better, all while delivering what you’ve come to expect: smart verbal commentary and coverage of all things Nintendo. Don’t dump your radio subscription just yet — all of your wildest dreams will come true, I promise.

Regarding the recent absences of Kyle and myself, this was merely the result of scheduling conflicts (we have not left the show). We will both continue to participate and contribute on a weekly basis as time allows. Otherwise, be prepared for a healthy mix of commentators during the abnormal summer. As always, please leave your constructive feedback in the comments as to how we can improve the show and what’s most important to you, the listeners.