Infendo further extends global presence, adds new writers


PRESS RELEASE ’ MUSHROOM KINGDOM’ Infendo, a fan site that features the web’s most intelligent discussion of all things Nintendo, has now expanded into another country and added two new writers.  “It’s really been my lifelong dream to have an in-road to the pulse of Canada’s gaming community,” exclaimed Infendo founder, Blake Snow.  Brushing the crumbs off his chin, Snow continued, “We’ve been lucky to have a bunch of Americans and one lone Japanese correspondent, but this Canada thing really sets it off for me!”

This marvelous feat was accomplished when new Infendo staff writer Zac Erickson contacted Infendo Managing Editor David Cole.  “Oh hey dere .. I can represent the voice of Canada, eh.  What’ya think?”  A native to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Cole put down his Vernor’s ginger ale and responded, “Heck ya! Welcome aboard!”

Also added to the staff is a new podcaster and writer, Alexis Santos.  While he may not come from such an exotic location as Canada, Santos has a very cool sounding name  despite being an American.  Infendo Radio co-hosts Sean Buckley and Will Thompson approached Managing Editor Cole asking, “Why is this guy always hanging around the broadcast studios?”  After many hours in court and several million dollars spent on legal fees, the court ruled in favor of squatter’s rights for Santos and he was made the official third member of the podcast team featuring Sean Buckley and Will Thompson.