Infendo Radio #53 is on now!

The one-year anniversary block party is over (pictured) and Scott and I jump right back in with all the weekly Nintendo goodness. Listen in as we discuss Wii glow, DS sales, New Game Get!, Poop on a Stick, Wii online play, and a bunch more including Nintendo Line calls. Get that! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3

Infendo Radio’s One Year Anniversary Spectacular!!!

Infendo Radio #52 is on now! Scott and I have been kicking it for one year strong, and we’d like to send a hearty thanks to Team Infendo (Matthew, Dale, Mark, Nicholas, and Erick failed to send in their pictures, hence their absence from Feswork’s comic) for all their hard, volunteer work. We also send a big thanks to all the callers over the past year, as well as the many listeners in...

Join us live as we record Infendo Radio #52

If you’re in the area, click here to join a live chat room as we record Infendo Radio #52. Come on in, the water’s fine…

Send Infendo Radio a shout-out for its 1-year anniversary

Alright peeps. Scott and I are all set to record the 52nd episode of Infendo Radio bright and early tomorrow morning. If you haven’t already, send us a special-shout out that’ll be played on the show. We also have a few little treats for you. Should be a good time for any podcast listeners out there. If you haven’t given it a listen, I promise it won’t bore you. Otherwise, ...

Infendo Radio #51… Listen NOW!!!

Infendo Radio #51 sets up the perfect storm for next week’s one year podcast anniversary. Listen in as Scott and I talk DS success, Nintendo’s upcoming handheld strategy, more Tiger Woods golf, the effects of Wii on gaming, and listener calls. Enjoy the show and be sure to give us a shout out for next-week’s show. Nothing fancy, just give us a ring and tell us if you like what we...

Infendo Forums – 10,000 posts!

The Infendo Forums have just had their 10,000th post! Launched only eight months ago, the forums have become a great community within the fine Infendo Family of products. Stop by today to see what all the fuss is about, or to just say “congrats” to the gang. [Big thanks to everyone in the Forums!]

Infendo Radio #50 is live and ready for your aural enjoyment

Welcome podcast listeners. Scott and I talk NPD numbers, Tiger Woods golf on Wii, NiGHTS on Wii, game-specific friend codes, Poop on a Stick, and if Nintendo is alienating hardcore gamers. Hope you enjoy it! (40 min) Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3

Infendo Radio #49 is in your room, polluting the airwaves

The time is a now. A bit late as has been customary in recent times, but you don’t want to miss this really nice episode (40 min) talking GDC, Metroid Prime 3 delays, and a whole bunch more. Enjoy it everyone. Infendo Radio is on now… Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3

Infendo Announcement – Welcome Erick!

Infendo Nation, I present your newest Infendo blogger: Erick! You may remember him from such websites as or So please take a minute and welcome Erick to the team!

Infendo Radio (#48) is on now!

Short and sweet. News, Wii supply, Poop on a Stick, GDC talk, and listener calls. Enjoy! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3

Infendo Radio #47 is up!

I know I say this a lot, but this was one of the funnest shows Scott and I have ever produced. We cover a slew of games you should be playing, answer a ton of listener calls, discuss this Wii drought hoopla, and have the first episode of our newest segment courtesy of Mark entitled Poop on a Stick. We think it is. Enjoy! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3