New Designs On The Infendo Merch Shop

Looking for some hot new merch? The Infendo Merch Shop has got you covered – our merch shop‘s got some brand new content, whether you’re a Pikachu or a Birdo fan (yes, those are your only choices. Get picking a side!) You can visit the Infendo Merch Shop by clicking here. And as always, happy shopping, and thank you for your support!

Game Boy Timeline

After 20 years, the Game Boy really hasn’t changed that much, as this nifty timeline shows. Head on over to Gizmodo for a full resolution image.

Realistic Kirby justifies Nintendo’s approach

Realistic renderings of Nintendo characters often pop up on the Internet. We’ve posted a few of them on Infendo before, including that creepy Bowser illustration. But this one takes the cake. This time, Kirby gets the realism treatment courtesy of the humor fiends at Halolz. The image is disturbing, so hit the jump to see it at your own discretion. This is why Nintendo doesn’t do reali...

Nintendo Spotting – Donkey Kong rules Berlin

Taken a few months back at the Computer Game Museum in Berlin, Germany. sweetness…

Cat gets into the Metroid mood

This feline is getting pumped for Metroid. Will E3 disappoint him/her? We’ll soon find out.

Awesome Wii T-shirt: We’re Building An Armii

Infendo Fan and video game store employee Mark sent in this snapshot of an awesome t-shirt his local Nintendo rep dropped off.  Proceed to drool.

Pink Nintendo DS Lite Is The New Barbie

Newsweek’s Assistant Managing Editor Kathy Deveny recounts the story of fulfilling her 6-year-old daughter’s Christmas wish of delicious DS ownership via N’Gai Croal’s LevelUp page. It’s a heart-wrenching story full of surprise twists, big-budget special effects, and some of the most polite teenagers I’ve ever read about frequenting a game store.

Lego Wiimote caddy

Infendo Forum frequenter, FalseBlue, shared his newest Lego creation with us. But does it charge the batteries?

Sam and Max contest slams Square, E3

Telltale’s Sam and Max had a contest recently, with the help of Wired’s Game|Life. Some of the entires were Nintendo related, some were not. Most were funny, and a lot attacked E3 for being pitiful, which it now is. So it’s really a mix of reality, comics and Ken Kutaragi jokes. All good fun, in other words. The winners can be found here, and the rest can be found here.

Wendy’s Wii toys won’t clog arteries

And with one swift stroke, Wendy’s has erased whatever fitness gains Americans might have made using the Wii by dragging them in with the promise of Wii-related toys. Damn you, Wendy. Damn you and your square shaped burger patties.

Miyamoto Edition Gold Game Boy SP sells for $$$

OK, so some of us gamers are trying to get Shigeru Miyamoto onto TIME’s Top 100 people list because we think he’s important and we’re not worthy, etc. etc. But is he $2,157 important? That’s right. The gold SP above sold for $2,157 on April 16 to some “lucky” eBayer. Worth it? I have no idea, but here’s hoping the seller uses some of that scratch to buy a ...

Nintendo Spotting: Donkey Kong clock only tells time edition

I realize this is a clock, and that the purpose of a clock is to tell time, but my initial reaction to this Donkey Kong clock was that it had Mario running up and down the girders trying to get his girl while at the same time it, well, also told me the time. This is not the case. [Via Kotaku]