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Guest Column: “Is Casual Killing the Core?” PAX panel

Infendo was lucky enough this morning to hear from a reader who attended PAX last weekend, and his on-the-scene reporting is pretty timely, given the gaming landscape today. “El Hajjish” attended the “Is Casual Gaming Killing Core Gaming?” panel, which

Nintendo haters? It’s time to fess up, shut up, or grow up

It’s pretty crazy to think about it, but E3, with all its Wii Music-induced Nintendo-is-the-end-of-gaming paranoia, was about two months ago now. And, as predicted, the cacophony of rhetoric and vocal minority-driven criticism has subsided, only to be replaced with

Show me the perfect Nintendo game, please

If there’s one thing I would have loved to have seen revealed at E3 this week, it was a long-term memory for people who frequent the Internet. Something they could download easily and upload into their cortex. Nothing fancy. I

Capcom selling Mega Man 9 with minimal effort and maximum fanfare

With each day and subsequent disappointment, I am getting less and less excited for Mega Man 9. To clear vernacular discrepancies, I feel there is a distinction between “excitement” and “anticipation.” For example, I was excited when I first saw

Shadow of the Colossus proves that “good enough” graphics are still relevant

Does the above in-game screenshot look three years old to you? It shouldn’t (even though it is) because Shadow of the Colossus for PS2 is still one of the most impressive-looking titles to behold, next-gen consoles included.

The new Zelda will be a step backwards in time

While skimming the paper in the Infendo HQ penthouse this morning I happened to glance at my television, my laptop, and Shigeru Miyamoto all in the same instant (he occasionally makes us breakfast). On Infendo there was Derek’s superbly written