Infendo Radio inspires feature articles

img7.jpgAs long-time Infendo Radio listeners have come to know, Scott, Kyle, and myself are no fans of lengthy video game names, especially ones with silly subtitles. I began to notice their increase with each subsequent podcast, which regularly profiles the news game releases.

The result got me thinking, the thinking got me pitching, and the pitching landed a commission from Crispy Gamer to write an article. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t comment, but I’m happy with the turnout, nonetheless. Here’s an excerpt:

In the second week of November 2007, publishers released an unprecedented number of multiplatform videogames at the height of holiday shopping. Interestingly, more than half of the listed games employed subtitles in their titling, via the use of colons. This represents a far cry from the use of subtitles 10 years ago, which stood at just 30 percent of games. Continue reading…

Ironically, Nintendo may have released the most absurd name ever in, “Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3” — a most awesome game with a most unnecessary name. But what do you think, does video game subtitling annoy ad nauseum?