Dead Space

Review: Dead Space extracts thrills on Wii

“Jesus Christ, we just killed someone.” You didn’t want to do it. You weren’t supposed to do it. But you had to do it. You didn’t have a choice, right? You saw it. He was slashing, gnawing, clawing at that…person. If you hadn’t sliced him in half, you would’ve been that horrifying smear of lifeless flesh on that cold steel floor. If you hadn’t killed him, he would’ve killed you...

EA: We may change strategy if people don’t start killing more things on Wii

If Dead Space: Extraction doesn’t do well on the Wii, well, by howdy, EA may stop producing games where you have to kill things on the console for good.

Dead Space Wii looks promising, despite being an on-rail shooter

I doubt this will be better than the Xbox 360 and PS3 original, because on-rail shooters are a more limiting experience. But you can’t say EA isn’t putting effort into it. Still, I suspect Wii owners would have preferred a port of the original. Being a fan of motion aiming, I know I would.

Dead Space Wii title might not be port after all

Ultimately, I’ll believe it when I see it, but for now my skepticism over the upcoming Wii version of EA’s Dead Space has lessened slightly. Why? Because EA came out swining today with news that the title is, in fact, a prequel called Dead Space Extraction, and will be a FPS. Players will assume the role of a new female lead (your gal pal from the original, perhaps?), armed with new we...

Dead Space, future Wii title, began development on original Xbox

Dead Space, the well-received space horror game developed by EA that’s slated to come Wii-side soon, was initially developed using original Xbox hardware. Since the Internet is the consummate example of fairness and anti-hypocrisy, I fully expect all the people who whined about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess being originally developed as a GameCube title to come out of the woodwork a...

Dead Space coming to Wii this year, says reliable Facebook user

According to N’Gai Croal‘s Facebook feed, which is currently covering an EA investor call today, EA says, “We’re bringing core intellectual property to the Wii,” the first example being a port of Dead Space coming to Wii later this year. Excited? I only played a single level of the game in a demo, so can’t effectively comment on its critical awesomeness. Regardl...

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