Dead Space Wii title might not be port after all

Ultimately, I’ll believe it when I see it, but for now my skepticism over the upcoming Wii version of EA’s Dead Space has lessened slightly. Why? Because EA came out swining today with news that the title is, in fact, a prequel called Dead Space Extraction, and will be a FPS.

Players will assume the role of a new female lead (your gal pal from the original, perhaps?), armed with new weapons and fighting new enemies and puzzles. Of course, like with the Titanic movie, we kind of know how this game is going to end.

Now, since I’m still slightly skeptical, my brain is working overtime thinking this is going to be an on-rails shooter. Dead Space, while a great game IMO, was scripted enough with the “gotcha” scare moments. Putting this new game on rails would amplify that, in a bad way. Again, all we have for confirmation is that this is first-person, so fingers crossed.

Update: Official “no game play whatsoever” trailer below the fold.

Commentary update: Eh, maybe there’s some pseudo on-rails game play in there somewhere (the gun shots). I’m not sure. And I’m also not too sure about absolutely hating on-rails anymore, but I am sure the absence of a gun in the HUD (if in fact that is actually in game firing) makes this game lean heavily to an on-rails experience. We’ll see.