Dead Space coming to Wii this year, says reliable Facebook user

According to N’Gai Croal‘s Facebook feed, which is currently covering an EA investor call today, EA says, “We’re bringing core intellectual property to the Wii,” the first example being a port of Dead Space coming to Wii later this year. Excited? I only played a single level of the game in a demo, so can’t effectively comment on its critical awesomeness. Regardless, the survival horror game is on its way to Wii.

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  1. Atlantis1982 says:

    I really doubt this is going to happen. If it does, well, look at Dead Rising. >.>

  2. EthoSoccer says:

    It’s been confirmed by more reliable sources than facebook.

    I am hopeful that it will be good if they do it right….lets face it, it’s really just Resident Evil 4 in space anyhow…..not complaining though as Dead Space was one of the better games I played last year.

  3. DmNt says:

    Well, I can see it happening, but from what we’ve seen with Dead Rising has gotten me a bit worried.

    Nevertheless, I must put a good word out for those who don’t have a 360, PS3, or modern PC: Dead Space is one of the best games of 2008, and one of the scariest games I’ve ever played. It has an amazing atmosphere, particularly in sound, and despite a rather cliché story, still never gets repetitive due to the intensity. The only thing that is hard to imagine being ported over the graphics of course.

  4. Dark Jinjo says:

    I think that Dead Space could be the perfect opportunity for EA to show that games on the Wii can be (almost) as atmospheric and impressive as their 360 or PS3 counterparts. It is a very dark game, with very few wide open spaces and that could work well on the Wii, much better than something like Dead Rising, which was all about the openness and huge crowds of zombies. I hope they do it right and show us Wii users that they can put the same care and attention to quality into our games.

  5. Jamie says:

    I didn’t like it on PS3… I kept dying.. and that was on the demo. I suck… lol

  6. deepthought says:

    dead space is awesome, but is a waste without great surround sound.

    so i want to know… how’s the wii’s surround sound? it’s comparable to 360, right?

    i could look it up, but i figure someone will know more about the comparison than me looking at numbers…

  7. RoyalRook says:

    YES, keep the physic, let go of the graphic and utilize Motion-Plus, EA will bring a great entertaining IP to the Wii library.

  8. Jack says:

    I dunno, I agree with deepthought on this *ducks as world ends*

    I completed Dead Space on my 360 last month, and the rich sound, music and sound effects are definitely big parts of the overall experience. There are simply big games out there today that require horsepower — note that this is not my flip flopping endorsement of the 360, simply a factual observation. This game wasn’t made from the ground up for the Wii, it was made from the ground up for an Xbox 360 type console, so I’m really curious to see how this pans out (another Capcom Dead Rising Wii debacle…? please no)

    However, the surgical precision that is a cornerstone of the game’s appeal would be cool with the IR pointer. Those deformed colonists wouldn’t stand a chance.

    And, this won’t happen, given that EA is just going to lazily port this (slightly said with a bit of hopeful reverse psychology), but maybe they can stylize this port like the animated DVD prequel that came out alongside the game. It would help the Wii handle “teh graphics!!!11!” anyway.

  9. elmer says:

    Wrong game.

    They should be bringing Mirror’s Edge.

    Moreover, if they think this is giving us support they are sorely mistaken. If we’re getting a downgraded port months (or possibly years) later, I would say that while the HD/Wii disparity is decreasing from EA’s side, it still remains negative relative to sense. While it seems wild, logically EA should be putting more eggs in the basket where the eggs are surviving: this means if there is another Dead space, it should be nothing less than Dead space 2 on Wii. We should be receiving the largest dollar investment and the premium franchises associated.

    Most importantly, while Deadspace seems confirmed, I’d wait ’till I see EA’s new commitment to Wii before I believe it. They said all this last year and nothing happened. They said they probably made a mistake and should have invested more in Wii the year before that and nothing happened. EA has seemed content with losing money for a while now and until they prove otherwise, seem likely to continue doing so.

  10. gojiguy says:

    I’m… not excited. Dead Space was an amalgam of unoriginal ideas and wasn’t all that great. I want original IPs.

  11. Freddy Fro says:

    Hey guys, IGN says that it’s not going to be a port, it’ll be an original game with the Wii. Lets just hope this doesn’t turn into… Dead Space 2: WAGGLE PARTY

  12. DaveRage says:

    I have some hope the port could be decent. After all, EA did a great job with Godfather considering it was such an early game.

  13. Billman64 says:

    “IGN has heard it will be an original take on the game that makes full use of the Wii remote.”

    Tastes like Prime of Metroid with moderate PS360 flavoring. Ok maybe I’m just hungry.

  14. deepthought says:

    lol @ jack

    That’s great! It starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane…
    Lenny Burnside is not afraid….

  15. Dark Jinjo says:

    deepthought,. the Wii does not offer true Dolby Digital surround sound, it only supports Dolby Pro Logic II. Which means that even the sound experience will be inferior, sigh…. (unplugs Wii and cradles it, sobbing inconsolably).

  16. Dark Jinjo says:

    That post over on IGN talking about the original plot and features was just a wish list. There is no confirmation either way regarding the game being just a port or a new version. I personally am hoping for “Dead Space: Mario and Sonic Deca Sport Family Game Party: Wii Edition”

  17. DmNt says:

    @Dark Jinjo

    According to the Wikipedia (not much validity mind you), Dolby Pro Logic II is 5.1 surround sound… and that is how most surround sound systems are set up.

    So unless you have a 7.1 and want 96khz bitrate quality, then I think Dead Space’s sound won’t be an issue on the Wii.

  18. Dark Jinjo says:

    I’m not a tech genius or anything, but I am fairly certain that in order to get true 5.1 surround sound you need either an optical cable or HDMI cable to connect to your receiver. The wii does not have an optical out or HDMI, obviously, and so it outputs Pro Logic II through the composite cables only. Pro Logic II is an audio decryption that simulates true 5.1 audio, but it is not digital and is much more compressed than true digital sound. It does work rather well for most situations, but if you have both a 360 (or PS3) and a Wii hooked up to a digital receiver you will notice a definite difference in the sound quality, with the Wii being noticeably inferior.

    Now that I have said all that I am prepared to be proven wrong, harassed by more intelligent users of teh internets, and generally reviled for my stupidity. Cheers.

  19. elmer says:

    Fine, I guess I’ll throw in my bits of anecdotal scraps of knowledge. Dolby Pro Logic II is an analogue matrixing method which, through a clever use of phase shifting, introduces subtle variations between the two ‘carrier’ channels available (left and right) that can tell an appropriate decoder to steer the right parts of the sound to the right speakers. The sound sounds virtually the same with a traditional stereo setup, and reproduces 5.1 with the right decoder. The original Dolby Pro-logic was simple, only able to introduce a rear channel with limited frequency ranges, (and I think a simple centre mix as well). Improvements with DPLII enabled more proper encoded channels and all covering the full frequency range. I think there were also 7.1 extensions.

    However, it is still analogue, and it is still multiplexed. This means the signal is degraded between the Wii and your setup, the signal has distortions due to the multiplexing, and the channels aren’t discreet, meaning that you don’t get as good separation between the speakers. Dolby Digital is better, but DPLII is good, and rather clever.

    Also don’t forget the WiiMote’s built in speaker! I think it’s added quite a lot of atmosphere to the games that were sensible about it.

  20. Dark Jinjo says:

    elmer, your eloquent description brought a tear to my eye. That is the beautiful thing about the internet, no matter how much you know about something, there is always at least seventy-nine people that know more about it than you do. And yeah, the wiimote speaker is where it’s at.

  21. streex says:

    elmer you’re right. Mirror’s Edge would be a better game to bring over. It would appeal to more Wii gamers.

  22. Soup says:

    I second everybody’s worries about Dead Space falling prey to a Dead Rising Effect.

    But I really hope it’s not true. The Wii really could really use the library diversity

  23. XCWarrior says:

    As long as they do a nice job copying the game over for everything but maybe the graphics, we are in for a real treat here. I won’t have my expectations too high, but at the same time, can’t we take some good news without tearing it to pieces?

  24. Used Cisco says:

    If it turns out well, i’ll buy it and I passed on the 360 version. This game begged for IR precision.

  25. Liraco says:

    EA better know how to do the game justice instead of ending up with something akin to that zombie game from Capcom whose name I’m not even bothering to remember now.

    Good luck though.

  26. Jonkind says:

    I hope they make some effort to make the menus easier to read… it’s damn near unreadable on 360 without an HDTV. Similar problem in Dead Rising as well – the resolution is just not crisp enough and the tiny lettering looks all blurry.

  27. I am excited, would love to play this game with wii remote. Shooters are so much fun with the wii remote. I would give up PS3 graphics for a wii remote any day. I am sick of dual joysticks with my hands in my lap, LAME. PS3 can suck my left nut, 360 can suck my right nut.

    @ Atlantis1982 who cares, yea I looked at dead rising and I am buying it on the Wii, as well as chop till you drop and Onechanbara, I love zombie games. OH NO House of the Dead 2 and 3 are old graphics, yea so I bought it. I guess it does not look like PS3 or 360 so I should not buy it. Honestly, douchebags like this still exist?

    I peraonlly think the iPhone is the best phone in the world (and it is! All touchscreen, incredible apps, great functionality, blackberry is archaic by my standards) so I guess everyone should not buy the kind or brand of cell phone they want because they do not measure up to the big boys.

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