Capcom keeps porting, bringing RE0 to Wii


re0wii.jpgThe latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that Capcom is planning a Japan-only Wii port of Resident Evil 0 for 2008.

Some outlets have reported the Wii version of Resident Evil 0 will likely be very similar to the 2002 GameCube version, but may feature additional content and, of course, full Wii remote control. Famitsu speculated the game will be played with “one hand,” suggesting Capcom may forego use of the Wii remote’s nunchuck attachment.

Resident Evil 0 would be the second Resident Evil port to hit Wii, as well as Capcom’s third Wii port in little more than a year after Resident Evil 4 and Okami, respectively. In a response to the Famitsu article, Capcom stated “we currently have no plans to bring the Wii version of Resident Evil 0…to either the U.S. or Europe.”

We go way back, Capcom, and you know I love you. But instead of porting old games to Wii, how about some Resident Evil 5?


  1. If Capcom does want to port more games to Wii, how about completing Dead Phoenix? Or finishing the rest of the gamecube remakes on Wii (RE2, RE3, and RE:CV)? I’d love to have RE5, but if they must test our waters, at least bring us some truely playable versions of games we may not have finished.

    I played the director’s cut of the original on playstation and it scared me. I played the remake on cube and it scarred me for life. Won’t you guys ever finish what you started? Capcom usually doesn’t just go for a scar, it likes to rip and tear til they’re through with a certain part of a franchise. Ask Megaman what he’s doing…

  2. This one….is stupid. Everything I’ve read states this is going to probably be the exact same game, just trading GC controls for Wii controls. So…you want me to buy the exact same game I did 5 years ago, only now I can play with a Wiimote instead of a GC controller? No thanks. This is isn’t the same as RE4. RE4’s game setup favors the Wiimote, plus they added the previously PS2 only content.

    A) If the game is almost exactly the same (as it appears), doesn’t this defeat the purpose of backwards compatiblity? Why port the exact same freakin’ game?

    B) The entire purpose I thought of Umbrella Chronicles was to bring players “up to speed” on the main RE games. So why release Zero months after UC, since UC covered Zero.

    This isn’t innovation, it’s laziness. I don’t even care about porting RE5, you could at least make a Wii exclusive title that is an original game, and I mean a NEW RE game. I like UC but it’s still not what I consider a real RE game, it’s more of just fan service.

  3. Meh, I’d rather they port the good RE games off gamecube. This one was kinda ass.

  4. I will state what I said in the forums on this matter….

    You know what would be SUPER fun guys and gals?
    Do you ?

    A NEW RE game, built from the ground up with Wii system pushing graphics, wii system pushing sound and great, inovative Wii only, motion controls! The next step after RE 4 on the Gamecube. You know…. A current generation game ! ? !!!
    Yeah, THAT would be great….right capcom?

    Instead, we get a REhashed, REmake of a last generation game with added on Waggle?? But hey, it will be for a discounted price!

    More total garbage 3rd party support.


    I can not wait for RE5 on the 360 !!

  5. Testing the Waters…

    Eventually you’re supposed to go in right?

    How many games (and self-sabbotaged games) is Capcom going to make and we’re going to buy (repeatedly proving their low sales expectations wrong) before they finally decide to take a dip?

    What will be next? a re-release of Resident Evil 2 without modifications? How about receiving a late port of Street Fighter Alpha? Sure they’re good, and we didn’t get fair treatment first time round, but really. Wii has supported their financials for almost a year running but they continue to refuse to invest.

  6. Yea, it would be nice if Capcom finally jumped in.

  7. I could be wrong, but this is a Japan only title I believe. It won’t be coming to the Americas.

  8. Resident Evil 0 is a great game, maybe underestimate and with low visibility, but Capcom must stop making ONLY portings. Wii users need good games, not WiiPlay, Party Games etc…
    I Think Nintendo should consider to obtain some exclusive partnership (like Silicon Knights) to bring new and fresh game series. Bye

  9. Every game Capcom’s released for the Wii so far has been a quality title. You can’t say that about most publishers for the Wii. So far they’ve published 3 new games (Zak, Harvey Birdman, Umbrella Chronicles) and 1 remake (RE4WE) and in the future we know that there’s going to be another remake heading for the Wii along with another new game. Those two games will be Okami and We Love Golf. There may be another two new games in the form of Monster Hunter 3 and Street Fighter IV (highly likely). If you include RE0 in Japan only then I guess you have another remake/wiimake.

    RE0 sold like crap which is probably another reason why they’re remaking it. It’s not even headed here, but I more than likely wouldn’t buy it since I still have the gamecube version Then again I did buy RE4 for the Wii and I had the cube version, it really depends on what changes they make to it, and if they ever bring it here.

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