Nintendo Spotting: Cross stitch edition

Looks good, but I still want to shoot that stupid laughing dog.

Nintendo customer service in Redmond – a blogger mom’s story

Saska, a self proclaimed gamer, mother, and geek, posted a recent experience getting her family’s Wii fixed on her blog, Fiendish Glee Club. After recognizing Saska’s phone number as a local number near Redmond, the Nintendo rep told her to “just bring it on in to Nintendo” for repair. My favorite part is when the Nintendo rep waits for her son to finish the level of WarioW...

Super Mario Bros. — with feet

Truly, an amazing feat.

Top 10 Nintendo romances

So I’m a day late with a Valentine’s Day post. You try posting while having to dodge skidding taxis in the slushy streets of New York City. Such is my love for Infendo that I took a break from some work-related conference coverage and found this gem on the top Nintendo romances of all time. No Zelda though. Here’s why: “Link and Zelda are the football player and cheerleader...

Blue Wii alerts make me play more video games

As I’ve stated too many times on the podcast, the first part of the year is a very busy one for me. Work significantly picks up and my toys (read: video games) always take a back seat… Until now. Late one night last week after working on few additional work tasks, I sat down in our living room to take a breather and chat with my wife before retiring to bed. And wouldn’t you know ...

Zelda and other video game inspired art at NYC show

Artist, musician, gamer, and Infendo fan James Kochalka will be showing 150 paintings at an upcoming art show in NYC, including this painting of Link. The artist says: Some are inspired by classic videogames (particularly the ghosts in Pac-man), others are the pure product of my imagination. The show will be at Giant Robot in New York, February 17 – March 14.

Reggie: Wii sales surpassing Xbox 360 matter of "when, not if"

I was wondering what happened to Reggie lately. He probably had to go on vacation in the heart of a volcano or something to recharge, but low and behold he was back at the DICE conference last week with a vengeance. He said he anticipates surpassing the installed base of the Xbox 360 with this sales rate. “The question is when,” he said. “That’s going to be drivenn (sic) by our own sales r...

Valentine’s Day cards for the Nintendo fan

Did you forget that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day? Infendo’s blogging buddies at 4cr have you covered. Hop on over there, download, print, or email any from a selection of Wii, Metroid, DS, Phoenix Wright, or Zelda themed cards. I expect to find some of these in the construction paper covered shoebox on my desk at the Infendo Office Park.

Nerf Sports Pack for Wii

This looks an awful lot like some other useless Wii accessories out there already, but it’s Nerf so they’re extra squishy and supposedly safe. The Nerf Sports Pack includes a Nerf foam sleeve for the Wii remote and three Nerf sports attachments–a foam golf club, baseball bat, and tennis racket. See? Safe. But I’d rather Nerf stick to making huge foam dart-shooting sniper ri...

Full House vs. Wii Sports

And with all due respect to every one of our friends and ninjas, here is Infendo post #2,500: [Thanks, Scott!]

Entire Twilight Princess script available for viewing pleasure

I enjoyed Twilight Princess. I really did. After a slow start, it drew me in, and then I fell for that quirky Midna and it was game over for me. But something is still missing. I wish I had the entire unabridged script printed out in Courier font. In my web browser. But wait, what’s this? Revel in the unforgettable lines of Fado (FADO: WHOOOOOOOAAA! A GOAT GOT LOOSE! IT’SHEADIN’ ...

Nintendo Spotting: Delicious cake edition

Mmm. And after you eat it, you can burn it off in Wii Sports.