Top 10 Nintendo romances

So I’m a day late with a Valentine’s Day post. You try posting while having to dodge skidding taxis in the slushy streets of New York City. Such is my love for Infendo that I took a break from some work-related conference coverage and found this gem on the top Nintendo romances of all time. No Zelda though. Here’s why:

“Link and Zelda are the football player and cheerleader of the videogame world: they’re the couple that’s shoved into the spotlight, celebrated by all, made prom king and prom queen, and eventually have awkward sex in a by-the-hour motel room while the football player’s buddy stands outside drunk singing the one line he knows to Rick James’ Superfreak. (The line is “Superfreak”) But there is no passion there. They date because everyone expects them to date, and because if they didn’t date, everyone in school would be, like, ohmigod.”

I agree. Especially in this latest installment. Midna beats Zelda out for the ten spot, and for the rest you’ll have hit the link.