Blue Wii alerts make me play more video games

As I’ve stated too many times on the podcast, the first part of the year is a very busy one for me. Work significantly picks up and my toys (read: video games) always take a back seat… Until now.

Late one night last week after working on few additional work tasks, I sat down in our living room to take a breather and chat with my wife before retiring to bed. And wouldn’t you know it, the Wii started blinking, trying to tell me something. Communicate with me, machine to man. The blue allure worked that night as it has many times before. I fired up the console, checked some dated message about Wii straps, then decided to give Wii Sports a go for a few minutes. I ended up playing for an hour. That’s an hour longer than I was planning to all because of a blue little email alert. Genius Nintendo. As if I needed any more reasons to play more games.

[Image courtesy of Flickr]