Reggie: Wii sales surpassing Xbox 360 matter of "when, not if"

I was wondering what happened to Reggie lately. He probably had to go on vacation in the heart of a volcano or something to recharge, but low and behold he was back at the DICE conference last week with a vengeance.

He said he anticipates surpassing the installed base of the Xbox 360 with this sales rate.

“The question is when,” he said. “That’s going to be drivenn (sic) by our own sales rate and getting good software released at the right time. It’s clear they are slowing down. It’s not unthinkable to see that next year we could surpass their installed base.”

The PlayStation 2 is competition of sorts, but Reggie said it’s not direct. He said it is more like competition for the GameBoy Advance or the DS. I told him that Bill Gates said he didn’t believe that the Wii was direct competition for the Xbox 360.

“When you’re as rich as Bill is, you can say anything,” Reggie said. “They have done some things that are brilliant at Microsoft. We want to bring gaming back to the masses. Consumers are voting with their wallets and pocketbooks.”

But then he goes and says there are 90 hours of game play in Twilight Princess. I’d speak up about that but I know he’s got my phone tapped and would eat my face.