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Is Nintendo trying to be something it’s not?

Yes, says Malstrom, the obscure, long-winded, and one time Infendo commentator. “The Ultimate Big Problem is that the decision makers inside Nintendo (e.g. Iwata and Miyamoto) wish to define the company in a way different than how Nintendo customers wish

Video game consoles numbered among “extinct gadgets” in 10 years

In addition to stand alone GPS, recordable optical discs, e-readers, low-end digital cameras, and DVD players, Yahoo Shopping predicts video game consoles will also be extinct by 2020. Popular video game systems such as the Wii, PlayStation and Xbox may

Poll: Why do only 10% of players finish video games?

I penned a story for CNN last month on why most people didn’t finish video games. The basic rule of thumb, according to developers, is that “90% of players who start your game will never see the end of it unless

It’s hard not to like Nintendo when they do stuff like this

In an age when executive greed and entitlement runs rampant, it’s refreshing to see Nintendo reducing their own salaries by 50% during tough times. We’re rootin’ for ya, Ninty. Just get back to making great games often and the money

Death of the fanman: How Nintendo lost one of its most avid evangelists

Jack Loftus was one of the first contributors to Infendo. He began writing for the blog in 2006, a year after I founded it. Known for his wit, provocative writing, and unabashed subjectivity, Jack lovingly referred to himself as the “fanman.” When

Hey, Infendo! Tell us your deepest, darkest Nintendo secrets

Specifically: What is it about Nintendo that makes you come to and/or participate in a fansite like this? What’s your favorite Nintendo system and why — handheld or console? What’s your favorite video game developer not-named Nintendo and why? Do