Hey, Infendo! Tell us your deepest, darkest Nintendo secrets

Specifically: What is it about Nintendo that makes you come to and/or participate in a fansite like this? What’s your favorite Nintendo system and why — handheld or console? What’s your favorite video game developer not-named Nintendo and why? Do you like Nintendo more, less, or the same as you did as a child? Explain your reasoning. Looking forward to reading your answers. Have a gr...

Oh look—another “video games can save the world” story

Courtesy of NPR. In other words, video games are still insecure about who there really are. Like movies and music, they’re just entertaining diversions. Nothing more, nothing less. Get over yourself already, sheesh.

A Friend Indeed: My Nintendo Power Collage

Mushroom Kingdom birthday cakes, NES beds, master sword quilts…Nintendo fans tend to celebrate their passion in crazy, time-intensive ways. Thanks to my friend Lindsay, I own my own little unique Nintendo creation. These three collages were made from Nintendo Power clippings, and they decorate the binder I use for pretty much everything (L-R Back, Spine, Front).

Face Raiders mug shots!

Upon my initial boot up of the 3DS, I just had to try out the cool Face Raiders app that come pre-installed on every 3DS. After taking pictures of everyone I live with (which includes my girlfriend and 2 cats), I ran out of faces to raid. Have you ran into the same problem readers? If so, I’m here to help! Click on to see which faces I find most compelling to riddle with tennis balls….in 3D!

What the fanboy?!

If you would have asked me just 4 years ago what the be all end all video game system was, I would have told you without even thinking about it the Nintendo Wii. I was fresh off my first couple playthroughs of Twilight Princess, and still having friends over every weekend for a Wii Sports Tennis tournament. Then something happened. I purchased my first non-Nintendo console….ever.

Why do gamers surmise Nintendo’s doom before every new hardware cycle?

(Latest case in point.) It’s not like you hear people speculate Xbox’s or PlayStation’s doom before every new hardware release. Why Nintendo then? As a recap, the viability of Nintendo was debated after the Genesis was released, before the release of the Super Nintendo. It was debated before the Virtual Boy and changing of the seasons to N64. It was certainly debated before GameC...

Sad survey: Majority of gamers don’t miss arcades

The March issue of Nintendo Power has a survey in which they asked readers if they missed arcades or not. Only 43% said yes. 30% said not really. 27% said they never frequented arcades. How sad. For any younglings in the room, arcades were popular in America from the late ’70s to mid ’90s. Although they still have a place in Japan, the closest thing you’ll find here is Chuck E. C...

Iwata Asks sparks an Infendo question

In a recent edition of the Iwata Asks series, Satoru Iwata interviews Hisashi Koinuma of Tecmo Koei.  In edition to talking about the upcoming 3DS game Samurai Warriors Chronicles, they also chatted up a bit about how Koinuma was introduced into gaming. His story got me thinking about how I first became interested in video games. My first memories of anything relating to video games is from my da...

What’s the most obscure gaming system you’ve played lately?

Mine’s definitely this Zelda Game & Watch I found while cleaning out my closet at my parents house last year. Score! What about you? What’s the most obscure gaming system you’ve played recently?

What balanced gamers often have to put up with while talking games

Online drivel like this: Was kind of cool when these pepole didn’t have a voice. You know, pre-Internet days. Game mag days. When the only ideas we were exposed to were the ones in our heads. Or by trusted gaming friends. PS – Parody is an awesome way to prove a point.

Judge Philip Gutierrez, you got it going on!

If homebrew is your thing, you better listen up. A recent case involving a college student that is being charged with illegally modding Xbox 360’s is heading to a jury trial where he could spend up to 3 years in prison if convicted. Luckily for him, he has Judge Philip Gutierrez on the bench. “I really don’t understand what we’re doing here,” U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez roar...

Limited-edition Metroid shirt available today

With the release of the controversial Other M, Nintendo has given Metroid fans a closer and more intimate look into the eyes of their alien-hunting heroine than ever before. Well, the closest look they’ve had for another 20 minutes, anyway. Beginning at 12:00 am CDT on Sept. 11, RIPT Apparel will offer a limited-edition t-shirt inspired by Metroid’s leading lady. Entitled “SAMUS,...