Infendo Review: Velocity 2X

Retro Review – Contra 4 (DS)

I haven’t played that many Contra games. Prior to Contra 4 the only Contra game I’ve had any real previous experience with is Operation C for the Game Boy and a little Contra III too on the SNES. Contra 4 feels right at home with those games. As the name of the game indicates this is a direct sequel to Contra III: The Alien Wars. So expect to fight against never ending hordes of various military t...

Retro Review – Contra 4 (DS)

At the time of its original release this was only the second portable Contra game in the series. Contra 4 does an amazing job at being both new and nostalgic at the same time. It is able to hit all the things that make a Contra game fun to play while also adding something to the series. And for player looking for a challenge Contra 4 delivers. This game is definitely recommended for anyone that wa...

Tuesday Time Warp: Top 10 NES Games

What better place to start our new retro feature than the very system that kickstarted this wonderful journey, the Nintendo Entertainment System. For many gamers, the NES was the system that changed our lives and sucked us into a world of endless possibilities. Whether it was World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros, the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, or the initial creepy moments of Metroid, the NES ...

Youtube Tuesday – Stop Motion NES

[youtube][/youtube] Sean sent this video my way a couple of days ago and I’m honestly surprised he didn’t post it. If you haven’t seen it yet… you are sure going to be in for a surprise of what I call nostalgic joy. Side note, anyone readers out there do animation or do stop motion claymation or anything? If you do and have anything...

If Konami made Duck Hunt

Life would be awesomer.

Oh hells yeah

Contra Spread Shot t-shirt wins at life. This power-up (remember when they called ’em power ups!?) is still the best in gaming history.

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