Supposed Sadness footage rises amidst vapor


Binge Gamer posted Thursday supposed first footage of Sadness, Polish developer Nibris’ exclusive Wii survival horror title.

And the collective Wii hardcore, taken aback, let out a gasp!

The Sadness soap opera dates back to early 2006 when Nibris first unveiled ambitious plans — and little else — for the unique survival horror game. In an interview that March with IGN, Nibris’ Piotr Orlovsky described the game’s premise and unsettling aesthetic, which he said was aimed at “adults with strong nerves.”

From the 901-day-old interview:

“It is going to be a gothic horror (game), which will scare not with the amount of blood, but with sheer atmosphere. Imagine a game in which you do not use guns or knives, but you will have to protect yourself with the objects you find exploring the ground — a stone, a stick, etc.

“Some examples of using the controller — you swing a torch with it to scare the rats off; you slit the throat (controller as a piece of glass or a knife); if you want to climb the wall you will have to hook a rope over the piece of a wall sticking out (controller serving as a lasso). This is only the beginning.

“Let me (also) mention that the scenario will have associations with narcolepsy, nyctophobia and paranoid schizophrenia. The scenario will surprise you.”

Until recently, the crickets in your back yard have provided more information on Sadness’ fate than Nibris. But the company quipped last August the game is still in development, and Nibris revealed this April, alongside yet another piece of concept art, that it is utilizing Emergent Technologies’ Gamebryo platform for Sadness.

All this information should be prefaced by “supposedly.” We’ll await further details from Nibris, as well as the coming of Christ.