Rumor: Famitsu confirms RE2 “Wii-make”

According to an information leak on Japanese forum 2ch, the latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed an exclusive “Wii-make” of Resident Evil 2 is in development from Capcom.

A term often confused with “port,” the important word here is “remake.” The rumor maintains Capcom is fully rebuilding the decade-old game on Wii, implementing additional story elements, an evil new “swordsman” creature and an occasional over-the-shoulder camera view ala Resident Evil 4.

Kombo has the full story and poses an important thought:

Particularly if it is rebuilt in the same vein as Capcom’s masterful 2002 Resident Evil remake for GameCube, Resident Evil 2 will likely be a solid remake. But while their next-generation brethren enjoy a tasty serving of Resident Evil 5, Wii owners may only begrudgingly swallow Resident Evil 2, no matter how well Capcom reheats it.

Call me crazy, but I’d wager there are some like-minded and justifiable sentiments brewing among Infendoites.