Super Mario Galaxy video tantalizes the senses


18 Responses to Super Mario Galaxy video tantalizes the senses

  1. kuRta!_eRt says:

    Wow, that smb3 tune still gives me the chills. Brings back some good memories 😀

  2. KillerHeroes says:

    THIS is next-gen Mario. This game is going to be amazing.

  3. Holy crap! Bowser’s really getting inventive on ways to abduct Peach. Final boss: GIGA BOWSER!

    BTW: Those Toads are completely useless except to serve as Peach’s fungus shield in Smash Bros.

  4. Skyler says:

    When the ship flew over the castle it reminded me of independance day(film). I thought it was gonna turn out bad

  5. David says:

    As soon as I start to get out, they pull me back in!

  6. dlindema says:

    When they said this game was the true successor to SM64 they lied. This game looks to be the true heir of SMB3. WOW.

  7. DrewMG says:


  8. cmdg says:

    Didnt bowser do the same thing in Paper Mario?

  9. paq says:

    Didn’t something similiar happen in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess as well? =D

  10. bOB says:

    That is possibly the most hardcore intro to a Mario game ever.

  11. Deax2er says:

    I can’t stop wiping the tears in my eyes, I barely have the energy to type rigth now, I can’t believe how awesome this game is looking and onlly two words come to mind…HOLY CRAP!! Next month,Next month,Next month,Next month,Next month,Next month,Next month,

  12. Jack says:

    Truly, many a Thanksgiving turkey will be neglected thanks to this game.

  13. johnnymilkshark says:

    Looks bitchin’. I was thoroughly disappointed with the lame attempt at cut scenes in Sunshine, this looks better.

  14. InvisibleMan says:

    The cut scenes might be hardware-rendered, too!

    Way to go, Wii!!

  15. Computor says:

    Space Pirates? Where’s Samus when you need her?

  16. droop4 says:

    wow so beautiful! I cant wait!

  17. deepthought says:

    why can’t i get excited for this?

    i feel so disconnected from my nintendo roots…. :-\

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