Super Mario Galaxy pre-orders yield free coins

Mario CoinOK, so strike my previous rant on the September Surprise. Nintendo was a little late, but today they came through in a pinch.

Basically, Nintendo is going to be giving away free money to people who pre-order Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy Horoscope
For Monday, Oct. 8, 2007

You’ve got plenty of energy today; it’s a good day to dream of future rewards. After a lifetime spent chasing coins, finally one comes to you!

Now through Nov. 11, stop by a participating retailer and place a deposit to reserve your copy of the magnificent Super Mario Galaxyâ„¢ for Wiiâ„¢. Your cosmic bounty will be great: When you return to retrieve your game on its Nov. 12 launch, you will claim a limited-edition shimmering silvery Marioâ„¢ coin, an eternal testament to your foresight.

Don’t put off tasks you know need doing-”“surely this is one of them.

So it isn’t really free money, unless your closest friends are mushroom-wearing asexual midgets and you have a curious tendency to go to the wrong house eight times in a row looking for your girlfriend.

And I’m sure it’s just me, but why is the prospect of getting a free, meaningless coin about ten times more appealing than a Spartan helmet DVD case holder?