Staff of Kings to include an Extra Game

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is a recent title that is set to be released on the Wii, DS, PSP, and PS2 systems. As like all games getting the general multiplatform run around; the game will be built differently for the Wii and DS, due to the different control schemes each system has.

Staff of Kings is also said to feature a whole slew of environmental interactivity, as according to Joystiq….

The game’s “Hot Set” environments are “completely interactive,” full of objects and features that can be used as weapons. Staff of Kings also features action sequences allowing players to “fly a biplane in a canyon trench, take the reigns of a wild elephant through the streets of Istanbul and navigate a raft down a raging river.”

That however isn’t the reason you should be looking at this game, the real reason is that the game is going to have a very awesome unlockable.

You can unlock the classic adventure game, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis!We aren’t sure which systems have the unlockable game; the official website doesn’t specify, so maybe it’s all of them!

Not only is Staff of Kings more of an action game which will probably have a few puzzle elements, but if you are one of those hard core puzzle fiends who like a challenge. If you complete the game, (if that is the way you unlock Fate of Atlantis) you are rewarded with classic adventure game with tons of story and puzzle goodness. Which is entirely a long and fulfilling game with three different ways to go through the main story.

Because Staff of Kings is going to feature Fate of Atlantis as an unlockabke, I am actually starting to think about picking this game up. However, I am wondering if an unlockable game can make or break a sale for a game? Does this really mean anything to any readers of Infendo? Would you actually purchase a game if you knew there was another great game you would get if you beat the one you bought?

[Via Joystiq]

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