So, yeah, this is a real thing that happened

My brain hurts. I thought stuff like this had died out in the great Wii plastic accessory add-on extinction level event of 2009. Oh, how wrong I was. Just $50 if you act now.

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  1. Richard says:

    “Yes, Doctor, I’ll be more careful, but…can you put my dog’s eye back in?”

  2. Bbelt says:

    I just bought two. One for myself, and one to put on E-bay. After it undoubtedly sells out, I can sell the extra and recoup the cost of my personal copy. Its like getting a crappy game and plastic stick for free!

  3. David says:

    AND … you can’t rent it from GameFly since it requires the plastic thingy.

  4. Chelsea says:

    These cheap plastic add-ons bug me so much. The entire point of the Wii remote is that you DON’T have to actually wave a cumbersome full-size tennis racket, ping pong paddle, or hockey stick around. I almost believe these exist solely to be purchased by clueless grandparents with a thought process along the lines of “Oh, Jimmy likes the Wii, right? And Jimmy likes hockey! So he’ll LOVE this.” I guess someone must be buying them if they keep making them. Maybe next someone can create a plastic hand to hold the Wii remote, which you wave around, completing the circle of idiocy.

  5. baby link says:

    they need to stop letting EA sports do stuff like this.

  6. baby link says:

    sorry just goin to add on to my other commet
    the only plastic crap for the wii i have ever liked is the mario kart wheel cause thats just makes racing easier.

  7. gamecollector44 says:

    I agree with baby link, but only on a few occasions are the plastic craddons any good. Such as the Wii Wheel, and the Wii Zapper. Not much else is worth the money. :/

  8. young link says:

    i agree with baby link and gamecollector44 only the wheel and zapper are good. im very dissapointed in you nintendo for making this crap.

  9. chris_wing says:

    Meta Critic score 76 out of 100.

    “The biggest thing that most will notice with NHL Slapshot is that you use a mini hockey stick to play the game. Yes, you heard me right, a mini hockey stick. Now I know that most are thinking that this will be another useless plastic peripheral for the Wii, but this belief is a real misconception…”

    Apparently the stick locks the remote and nunchuk together and the extra gyro in the nunchuck acts in the same manor as Motion+ would. Get a clue guys.

  10. chris_wing says:

    @ Young link, Nintendo didn’t make this.

  11. chris_wing says:

    @ Baby Link , yah Nintendo needs to start squashing innovative approaches to game design. What are they thinking letting developers create freely, heck, why don’t they just get rid of all third party developers outright. Stupid Nintendo.

  12. Richard says:

    Chelsea –

    I LOVE your idea of a plastic hand to hold the Wii remote! And it could have its own wriststrap! 🙂

  13. Noveli says:

    From what I gather this is actually a useful device that was well thought out and implemented. It’s only real flaw is that it will get a knee jerk reaction from people burned out on cheap plastic garbage.

  14. BlueRocks says:

    My son used to play mini-stick hockey in the basement with his cousins. This game looks fun too.

    For those who don’t like additional plastic toys… don’t buy it. I want to get the Team Canada sticks that can be bought separately.

  15. chris_wing says:

    I can’t remember the last time Infendo posted four stories in one day. You’d almost think they were trying to bury something. Classy. You guys can at least fix the tags, crap, failure, Shovelware, those tags don’t belong here. You’re looking like spoiled kids who got the wrong Power Ranger for Christmas.

    And in the future, do five minutes of research before opening you’re big crooked mouth’s.

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