So I bought Wii Fit today

Wii FitToday I went ahead and took advantage of a $5 credit on my Amazon account — as well as the lack of sales tax on Internet transactions and Free Super Saver shipping — and pre-ordered Wii Fit.

All the signs and portents say this thing is going to be huge, and I didn’t want to miss out while my neighbors, parents and sisters got their fitness on without me. Some game-related reporting I did elsewhere on the Net today says that the fitness peripheral is already sold out in the UK at no less than five major retailers, and I highly doubt that fad-crazed Americas will be any different. Japan already fell in love, selling 1.4 million in roughly four months. Early previews from the blogs read something like this: “I was meh, then I tried it hands-on. It was actually kind of interesting.” Sounds like something else from the recent past, no?

Lastly, on a more personal note, I see this title/accessory as yet another area where my love of video game culture will overlap with my family, non-traditional video game buddies, and my girlfriend (the others being the Wii itself, its games, the DS and Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party). *Commence chick flick movie soundtrack*

In addition to this being a lame diary-type post by yours truly, I wanted to get the Infendo community’s feel for Wii Fit. If you’ve already drank the Kool-Aid and have decided to buy it, then why? What’s the motivation? If you think it stinks, then elaborate on that point. Do you think it stinks, but are willing to pontificate on why it will still be a success anyway? Do you think it will fail?

And you fence-sitters, who are perhaps waiting to see what Nintendo and the third parties do by way of games specifically designed for the balance board — list again how you’d like to see this accessory used.

Regardless of how you feel about it, Nintendo’s current strategy, or whatever, this thing is looking to be huge — and it’s not even out in Europe or the US yet. Consider this post a venue for intelligent, passionate discussion about all things Nintendo, particularly Wii Fit.

UPDATE: Apparently Nintendo has a new Wii Fit survey up today too. FYI.