Review: No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle


NMH2 - 01

While No More Heroes has fixed most of problems the game has a very huge flaw that plagued me during my play through. While you can easily skip cut scenes you cannot pause them at all, not even the handle home menu button trick works. Another issue with the game is that the game will alert you when your controller has a low battery charge. Even if there is enough juice left to play for another twenty or so minutes.

When the battery alert screen shows up you cannot even skip it until another ten or twenty seconds pass. Leaving you stuck mid attack trying to anticipate when the screen is going to allow you to regain control or even messing up the flow of a cutscene. Yet if you can look past some flaws the game has a lot to offer.

NMH2 - 01

Desperate Struggle really seems to have perfected the formula of the first game. As well as streamlined a large of the games menu’s and graphic user interface.

Yet, No More Heroes isn’t a game for everyone. As it requires its players to be well read in video games and pop culture. As well as have a strong love for blood, gore, and gratuitous the “F” word. So if you are looking for a game that makes fun of video games, takes shots at Japanese culture, and even breaks the fourth wall sometimes. This game is for you.

I honestly enjoyed the game and would suggest it to anyone looking for a quality title to play on the Wii. With three and a half stars out of four, you really can’t go wrong.

Review based on a retail copy before the review copy showed up from the developer

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