Review: No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle

-=Mini Games & Side Areas=-

NMH2 - 01

When you aren’t playing the main story looking for revenge or killing hordes of nameless enemies. You can relax and play some mini games or even change how Travis looks by buying him new outfits. You can try to make him look as close to how he looked in the original No More Heroes or you can give him a “scene” look. Various looks range from looking like a nerd, cyberpunk, or even a pimp.

You can change various outfits at your hotel room where your pet cat Jeane lives.

NMH2 - 01

Jeane has also become a bit of a mini game, as she has become amazingly fat over the past three years. One goal is to try to make Jeane lose weight by playing games with her. As well as making sure she is happy enough to become active by feeding her right food. Various games you can play with Jeane are those you can play with any cat. Enticing her with a toys to make her jump or pounce on them so she can try to beat the crap out them.

NMH2 - 12

Those annoying side jobs from the first game have returned except they have actually become amazingly fun. They have been turned into stylized 8bit Nintendo games where you can play through four increasingly different levels. [really depends on which game you are playing] The only real reason to play these mini games is to acquire cash to buy various outfits for Travis, pay for training lessons to increase your stats, or buy new beam katanas.

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