Review: No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle

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NMH2 - 01

Many things have changed in No More Heroes 2 since the first game. Perhaps the greatest overhaul to the game is the fact that you do not have to do side jobs to participate in the next ranked match. One other major change is how the player navigates throughout Santa Destroy.

In the previous game you would have had to drive from location to location on, Schpeltiger, Travis’s motorcycle. The free roaming map crawling has been removed for the addition of  a more streamlined list of areas you can easily select. That way you don’t get lost or forget the location of a certain place.

The list contains old and new ones areas to visit as well as all the locations of various side jobs and places to shop. One of them being Naomi’s Lab where you can pick up two new, expensive, beam Katana’s to use.

NMH2 - 01

Of course No More Heroes 2 has not fallen far from the first game as it is still majorly a hack and slash kind of game. You have your main attack from the beam katana, and your secondary close and dirty melee attacks which you can use when your katana runs out of power or to try and start some of Travis’s lucha-wrestling moves.

Depending on what type of beam katana you have at the time you can attack in different ways. There are four different swords in the game and I consider them as to vary in terms of speed in damage. The slowest katana you have will deal the most damage but leave you open to attacks more, and the fastest will deal less damage but land more hits than the other swords in your possession.

NMH2 - 01

I also believe I do not have to explain the sexual innuendo to recharging your swords.

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