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Review: No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is one of those games that comes every once in a while that sets the bar for what games could be. Sadistic hack and slash bloody adventures with sarcastic one liners that would make Sam Raimi proud. If you played the first game you know that the game is set in a fictional city in California, called Santa Destroy, where you follow the exploits of Travis Touchdow...

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Scans I actually thought there was going to be No More Heroes after the last one

Jake our resident forum admin has defaced his latest issue of Nintendo Power, oh the horror, to bring us some awesome scans and information about No More Heroes 2.

Matt’s Crazy Hair makes its ABC World News debut, reviews Brawl

Matt Casamassina reviewed Brawl for ABC World News.  Watch the review, or don’t … you know the game is great!  The big story here is that ABC World News showed a video game review.  That’s not a very typical occurrence (if ever).  This game is going to be absolutely huge!