Review: No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle

-=The Story=-

NMH2 - 01

As you would guess, when your life has revolved around killing people in a brutal fashion there is bound to be people who want to do the same exact thing to you, or at least someone close to you. Desperate Struggle is a very literal title, since it is really Travis’s desperate struggle to find out who killed his best friend, Bishop.

Bishop’s death was tipped off by Skelter Helter (pictured above) the first assassin you face in the game, who wanted revenge against Travis for the death of his brother, Helter Skelter. Of course our foul mouthed anti-hero has no idea who Helter Skelter is, and even breaks the fourth wall with the help of Sylvia Christel on the topic of his adventures in the past three years.

NMH2 - 01

Desperate Struggle does contain interesting interspersed stylized cut aways that reveal the games story. The game brings you to a lowly boxed room with a mysterious woman who appears to be a stripper who sits opposite a silent person. In a certain film noir feeling she reveals information about Santa Destroy, Travis, and various assassins always in the past tense.

These events happen just before a ranked battle or at certain points during the games play.

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