Press Start: September’s Kickstarter Showcase




Welcome to Press Start, our monthly Kickstarter showcase. For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a global crowdfunding platform, allowing people to donate to projects of many different kinds. Kickstarter is a brilliant tool for indie game developers, and has led to many excellent games coming into existence, with the financial backing of everyday people like you and me. Games like Shovel Knight may not exist without the assistance of Kickstarter and I would like to bring more focus to these projects. Each month I will showcase a few games that have a Wii U and/or 3DS release in their goals. I will highlight a couple games that reached their goals in the previous month, to show what games we can look forward to in the near future. I will also share a couple games that will be seeking funding in the following month, so you can see what possibilities are out there. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with a Kickstarter project and make your own generous donation. I hope you all enjoy this new monthly feature. Press Start!

Recently Funded:

Timespinner: This 2D, pixelated Metroidvania titled was originally funded in late July, but has more recently reached its 3DS stretch goal. Inspired by the GBA and DS Castlevania titles, this tale of a time travelling heroine has received a lot of positive attention and looks like a wonderful release to look forward to.

Current funding: $176,667 of $50,000 goal

Wii U: No Wii U release has been announced at this time

3DS: Confirmed. Release in Q4, 2015


Heart Forth, Alicia: Another 2D, pixel-based game, heavily inspired by Metroid and Castlevania, but with a more RPG-inspired, magical theme. Heart Forth, Alicia has been an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign. It has already blown past its goal, being successfully funded in May, and is now nearing in on the 3DS release stretch goal of $245,000.

Current funding: $232,365 of $60,000 goal

Wii U: Confirmed, May 2015

3DS: Nearing stretch goal


The Deer God: A visually stunning, artistic platformer sees you taking the role of a deer, exploring forests, unlocking new abilities, and surviving the harshness of the wilderness, very reminiscent of Ecco The Dolphin. The Deer God was successfully funded in July, and is now nearing in on its 3DS stretch goal of $55,000.

Current funding: $51,953 of $26,000 goal

Wii U: Confirmed, Q1 2015

3DS: Nearing stretch goal


New Campaigns:

Adventures of Pip: Having failed to reach its core goal the first time around, Adventured of Pip is back on Kickstarter, taking another run at reaching its funding. Adventures of Pip is an epic, 2-dimensional side-scroller with a unique gameplay mechanic: the hero begins as a single pixel and, through combat, absords his opponents pixels to change form and achieve new weapons.

Current funding: $26,267 of $40,000 goal

Days remaining: 29

Wii U: Included in core goal

3DS: No 3DS release has been announced at this time


Ray’s The Dead: Beautiful visuals lend themselves to this incredibly original game. Part action-adventure/exploration, part strategy game, Ray’s The Dead’s unique concept is the ability to raise the dead and control them, using them to perform actions for you as you explore your surroundings and fight off opponents.

Current funding: $36,962 of $30,000 goal

Days remaining: 16

Wii U: Included as $65,000 stretch goal

3DS: No 3DS release has been announced at this time


Nefarious: A crisply animated side-scroller, full of brilliant platforming action, Nefarious casts you in a different role than most games. Instead of playing the hero, Nefarious has you playing as the villain, kidnapping princesses, and thwarting the police at every turn. With brilliant, Saturday morning cartoon visuals, very reminiscent of Earthworm Jim, this game looks excellent.

Current funding: $22,706 of $50,000 goal

Days remaining: 13

Wii U: Included in core goal

3DS: No 3DS release has been announced at this time


That’s your September Kickstarter Showcase. Check back next month for an update on these ongoing campaigns, plus some exciting new campaigns. Hopefully we will see some more brilliant indie titles like Shovel Knight in the near future. What games will you help kickstart?

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