Pilotwings 3DS to feature Mii Support


According to a Nintendo representative at Nintendo Pilotwings 3DS to feature Mii’s and to be on Wuhu Island. No word if it is going to be a launch title or not, but the game controls pretty decent.

Not much else is known about the title, more to come later. Are you guys excited about Pilotwings making a return? Even though its on a hand held then a console?

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  1. It’s a definite purchase for sure! It will connect with the Wii’s Mii channel then? Wuhu Island awaits!!

  2. I love Pilotwings – both the SNES and N64 versions. Probably two of my fave games ever. To be honest I’d probably buy a 3DS even if no other games were coming out on it just to play the new version.

    Hopefully Nintendo will now also be inspired to release the N64 version on the Virtual console – its a bit of a mystery why it hasn’t appeared already but I suspect the model of the twin towers that features in one of the levels mught be the reason for the stall.

    Will, have you been lucky enough to play the new version yet? The only thing I can find on the internet are a couple of screenshots – need more info!!!

  3. I am real excited for the 3DS because it looks like it will be able to do more things with the wii. The regular ds systems had a couple games that could be used to control wii games like pokemon battle revolution. Also on the e3 nintendo site i saw some mii characters in the crowd of the nintendogs contest for the 3DS.

  4. If they make a full Pilotwings game, this will be great, hopefully it isn’t just DSi ware sized. That being said, I’m still waiting for Pilot wings Wii, and Pilotwings 64 for the VC.

  5. I have no problem with Pilotwings, but it doesn’t necessarily excite me. I’m more excited about bringing Miis over to the portable side, and the possibility it brings to move closer to a unified profile/login system.

  6. This isn’t really Pilotwings. 😛

  7. Mii channel online sync pleaseee….

  8. I just hope it includes the human cannonball game–screams, flailing arms and all! Wii Sports Resort has the skydiving and free flight games, so I don’t mind that the new Pilotwings is on a handheld. Can’t wait to see it with the added depth of 3D.

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