U.S. 3DS sales to double the PS Vita in July, says industry analysts

3DS sale purchase

Wedbush Industry’s Michael Pachter and another unnamed analyst from  EEDAR have concluded that the Nintendo’s 3DS sales numbers will double those of the PlayStation Vita in the month of July. This news comes off prediction data compiled from Pachter and EEDAR, which was released days before NPD Group’s own market data. In addition, Pachter predicted that video game software sales at $260 million. The estimated figures show a 23 percent decrease from last year. Also, analysts predict for the 19th consecutive month, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will still remain the United States’ current top-selling video game console.

Infendo will update this page when NPD Group’s official data numbers are released sometime this week. Until then, what do you have to say about the predicted numbers in general? Does this put more confidence in Nintendo’s chances of the 3DS picking up more steam this holiday season, or does this put Sony at bay to reconsider their strategy for the Vita? Again, it’s too early to tell, but great to discuss where each of these two handhelds are going in terms of market share.

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Wedbush / EEDAR September sales estimates (change year-on-year):

  • 360 – 200,000 (-28%) / 201,000 (-27%)
  • PS3 – 140,000 (-3%) / 152,000 (+5%)
  • 3DS – 121,000 (+32) / 125,000 (+37)
  • Wii – 78,000 (-58%) / 75,000 (-60%)
  • DS – 100,000 (-67%) / 109,000 (-64%)
  • Vita – 60,000 (n/a) / 61,000 (n/a)
  • PSP – 10,000 (-84%) / 9,000 (-86%)
  • PS2 – 1,000 (-88%) / n/a
  • Total – 710,000 (-34%) / 732,000 (-32%)


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